The Joys of Motherhood……

28 May

I find them seeing a smile on my son’s face or watching him in our space, owning and creating memories that only makes sense when the two of us are present. My joys in motherhood are watching my son live, grow and every priceless moment we are together. What I love about being a single mother is that my heart is free for him and full with only him in it. I get to dedicate my time and attention to him. Plus building our lives together that God is fully in agreement with as He guides us. I love what God is doing for my son & me. Feels like it’s just the beginning for the two of us! image A rainbow that appeared so beautifully on May 26th 2015. image My son feeling like taking a break away from his computer to color. image Jamba Juice is good! image No….. image Matter……. image How you see it…… image It’s still us. It is love! image At Maggie Daley Park in Chicago image So many slides! image Mommy’s handsome little boy! ❤


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