Happy Single Mother’s Day!

31 May


In celebration of Mother’s day for the entire month of May I’ve been posting all about Mothers.

It’s always a celebration to me to be a mother. Everyday feels like Mother’s Day.

When my son was born in 2006, I knew that I had to be somebody special to him. I knew that my life and work had to involve my son and me being his mother for me to be happy. Because trying to work different jobs and trusting daycares to do what I knew that I only I could, wasn’t going to sit well on my heart. And sure enough, it didn’t. Each attempt for me putting him in daycare and my going to someone else’s business, to work a job never lasted.

It wasn’t long before I knew I was only fighting myself trying to leave my son to go to work, knowing that I wanted to be at home with him. Knowing that I needed to be, because those moments are precious and only happens once.

I chose my son over everything that I wanted. Or that I thought I wanted.

I can’t say that it was easy, because part of me longed to be working during the time I was at home with him. I know this comes from the fact that I started working at an early age. I was 12-years old when I got my first job. Somehow I had always managed to work or get a job from that point on.

Being a single mother you don’t always have the luxury to choose to be at home with your children. So I always see this as a gift from God. However, because I was the only one with my perspective I had faced a lot of difficulties from individuals who claimed that they were supportive of my decisions for my son. I should have been aware that their support was under conditional terms. Nevertheless, God has always been there for my son and I.

After my decision to focus my life on my son, I had always been blessed to get the right job opportunities, so that I didn’t have to leave him and most importantly, I found my purpose during those precious, priceless & very difficult times. I guess the saying “nobody said it would be easy” can apply to any area of life. It definitely has not been easy. But I have a strength that cannot be deterred or knocked down.

Above all, when I look back over pictures, videos and remember those times of the moments I was with my son instead of working, I have no regret. I know there is no other place I should have been than with him. Before I had my son, I remember being so busy with work and school, plus making all kinds of plans to leave home when I finished. But instead my life got whisked down a different direction, that I never saw coming. I now know that my son was sent into my life from God, as an anchor to help me sit down and be still. So that He could tell me the plans that He has for my life, opposed to the plans that I had for my life. Although there were some similarities, my plans were nothing at all like His. In addition to that, I get to share my dreams and purpose with someone I gave birth to. Someone I have been pouring education, life, love and teaching everything that I can, into. While my son had become my “work,” God was working on me and for me. Everything that I was learning from God, I could give away to my son right away. Or at the right time. But the greatest miracle I’ve witnessed after seeing my son being born, was seeing him answer to the call of Christ at just 3-years old. At that moment, I was for sure, that God was in control. It made sense to me, because I believed that He would do everything that I asked him to.

I gave up everything that I wanted to be with my son. To raise and prepare him for those times we wouldn’t always be around each other. Little did I know that it wasn’t just about when he would be going to school when he would be away from me.

I gave up the jobs that I know my Bachelors degree in Journalism would have afforded me. I gave up a relationship with a man, very early in my son’s life, because I chose to work and grow up a boy to a man, than to have my son seeing me fighting and arguing, possibly marrying & divorcing someone because I didn’t want to have to choose any man over my son. So with those decisions that I have made, I have no regrets. My heart has been right for every decision that I’ve made in regards to my son’s life, as his mother. And there is nothing I haven’t brought to God concerning His son.

Living my life on the course that God has put me on and guides me through, in my 6 years of being single, I haven’t had time for men because it’s as if my life is getting a brand new start for my son and me. We’ve dealt with some very difficult times and we still face them today, as I’m writing this. With God on my side, as a single mother, I have to guide the oars of our lives until these raging waves are behind us and can never return. So, my son has never seen me with anyone romantically or in any relationships. Anyone that I have dated he has never met. Simply because I don’t think it is necessary to introduce someone into my son’s life, because we might think we like each other. I know everyone is not this extreme, but it’s important to me. The man that my son will meet and gets to meet my son, will be the one. My husband. If God made one for me. He might have intended for me to be single for the rest of my life, and that’s fine too. Who can take care of me better than God?

What I do know is, if there is a man to be in our lives, God will make sure that he is somebody that He can put in full representation of Himself in my son’s and my life. As a man, a husband & a Father. Everything that I am and have to be for my son, he will understand and nurture. He will be fulfilled enough to not have to make me choose him over my son to prove a point.

Most importantly, he will love my son as if he’s his own without me ever having to ask him to.

Here’s to celebrating Mother’s Day everyday!

For the single mothers: Your children are your work & your focus. Be faithful in that and know if & when God wants a man in the picture, He will send the right one at the right time.

Until then everything you need, God has. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day!


I can’t get enough of this rainbow. It was so perfect! So beautiful & amazing the way it just appeared.

I knew God was giving me a sign when He put it there. I haven’t seen one man who can make a rainbow. lol



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