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Living In The Past

27 Sep

To some people the object of the game of the past is to get so far away from it, call it moving on and never have to deal with again or address it if someone brings it up. The past is the past.  Continue reading

Magazine Style Fashion Tips ✒️

17 Sep


 Lady Cars 🚦👠👗💋       

17 Sep

I really love the Red Jaguar convertible F-type! 
My son inspires my new found interest in cars. These are just a few cars that I have to have! 


Quote on Quotes

17 Sep

Some words to live by!  


12 Sep

We want a life of better quality, yet we are unwilling to make way and give in to the discipline that’s required to obtain it.

Discipline has to settle into our minds without wavering.

It takes sacrifice to get those things that we really want. How can we do better if we have more, yet we won’t do better without it?

We feel as though we are entitled to a better life, with more money, more benefits and we have yet to begin to work for it. Starting literally with yourself. You have to discipline yourself right now with what you have.

Whether we like it or not, becoming the more we think we should be isn’t just going to fall on our laps. In the rare event that it does, without a disciplined life or mentality it would be lost.

“Just because I want better, think better of myself, work for better & deserve better, doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than anyone else!”

-Veronica M. Benson

First Day of School: For Parents

9 Sep

Today was the first day of school for a lot of kids. Not many children look forward to this day as much as parents do. Surprisingly, still some kids do.

In the minds of some parents it appears that sending kids to school is a break away from them.

It’s only a few hours a day. And besides parents have to get up early to take them, play with them on the playground until the bell rings, be actively involved in their education while they’re in school and pick them up when school is over.

The motions of dropping them off and picking them up again are too repetitive and you should eventually feel like you are just going through the motions.

There is more to schooling than just sending your child somewhere everyday as if you are entitled to a break in the first place. School is not a place that is meant to babysit your children.

You should be so engaged and informed about your child’s school life where the burden of teaching is not completely put on the teachers.

If you feel that your child’s educational system can be better, do more. What can you do to help improve it? Instead of thinking in terms of the entire school system, think about how you can help starting right at your child’s school.

Having homeschooled a now honor roll plus straight A student, also being a firm believer of being involved in my kid’s school life and having taken on the role of teacher’s assistant, proves that an active parent plays an important role in a child’s progress.

It might be the way of the world to create patterns & traditions, however  don’t get so wrapped up in them until you forget how to think outside of the box.

Here are a few other things to remember:

> Everyday of school is just as important as the first day of school.

> Attendance in grammar school matters. It will help shape how your child thinks he should attend high school or college courses later.

> The new clothes, new shoes, hair styles/ haircuts and iPhones are a nice incentive but are not as important as a healthy, happy, clean and a properly fed child each day. Children should not have to interfere with their teachers about being hungry in the middle of class. Feed them a good breakfast, provide them with a snack and a good lunch. The kind champions deserve! Food security is more of a necessity than name brand shoes.

I see a lot of parents yelling and cursing their children out right before school and then drop them off as if they know they’ll be guaranteed to see them later. The same way you value and are careful in your adult relationships, value even more the relationship with your children. Be even more careful with them.

Whether you take credit for it or not, you the parent are your child’s first teacher each day, you want to be cognizant of what you put into their spirits.

> Download apps to their devices that are educational and can be used as tools to help them in school.

> Show excitement about school everyday, your child will continue to be excited if he already is or will develop excitement for it as well if he isn’t. Don’t tell your children that you’re glad you are getting away from them while they’re at school. (Even if it’s true. Depending on what you did while they were away, they’ll know you enjoyed yourself.)

> Pray over & pray for your children. Praying really works! There is power in praying.

> The first day of school is a blast and everybody’s excited but, don’t post pictures of your children if they are wearing their school’s information on them. It’s a good safety measure to practice for social media.

> Hug & kiss your children everyday when you tell them I love you. Let them know there is nothing they can do that can ever make you stop loving them. If you are upset with them for the moment, do this anyway. Love is always.

Keep in mind, this is the first day of school. You have an entire school year of ups & downs, wins & losses, homework, teacher/parent meetings, sports practice, music rehearsals, events, performances, snacks, lunches, school trips, report cards, school supplies, birthday parties, fundraisers, games and so much more to go through. Pace yourself!

The race isn’t given to the swift. But to the parent whose child did the best by the end of the school year! Lol. You didn’t know?

Happy school year!




6 Sep

Birthday celebrating moments starring the birthday boy, Caleb!


Too Happy!

Happy Birthday!💫

1 Sep

Celebrating with my son for his birthday. He’s come so far in these 9 years I’ve been blessed to see him grow through. 🏆

Words can’t express my love for my son. I’m grateful to God for letting me experience the miracle of carrying & giving birth to my angel. 👼🏾

Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Mommy loves you!🎂💙