12 Sep

We want a life of better quality, yet we are unwilling to make way and give in to the discipline that’s required to obtain it.

Discipline has to settle into our minds without wavering.

It takes sacrifice to get those things that we really want. How can we do better if we have more, yet we won’t do better without it?

We feel as though we are entitled to a better life, with more money, more benefits and we have yet to begin to work for it. Starting literally with yourself. You have to discipline yourself right now with what you have.

Whether we like it or not, becoming the more we think we should be isn’t just going to fall on our laps. In the rare event that it does, without a disciplined life or mentality it would be lost.

“Just because I want better, think better of myself, work for better & deserve better, doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than anyone else!”

-Veronica M. Benson


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