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Tears In My Lip Gloss

30 Oct


I only want you to see me beautiful

A face full of make-up

When you watch me dream

And the moment I wake up

I love being beautiful from my soul

When a woman is being loved the way she should be

There is this never-ending glow

Tears fall from my eyes

And on to my lips

I smear them in together and wear with my gloss

A glimpse of myself in the mirror

Must I carry this cross

With the right blend of foundation, blush and eyeshadow; a post of the perfect selfie

Surely screams out to others that I need someone to help me

Several years already

Can’t I continue on to the end

As I make it one more day

Hands that are ready & willing to heal me once again

I feel sad for the little girl I see, as I look around and I get to see myself for myself; my very best friend

I remember seeing my face now as a little girl

And how I knew then that I could have the world

If only I could have warned her

Kept her a girl a little longer

I even loved my lip gloss back then

Features unfinished, I always thought the me I saw was the most beautiful woman

Playing with my dolls or listening to music.

My pretend play was never quite pretend

I always found a way to believe for my life the things that I imagined

Little girl, being a girl is much easier than being a mother

I would have told her

Before she became a woman.

Eyes fill with water more now, than when you were a child.

I put on my favorite lip flavor or color & face forward

The mirror approves

My tears stored away, I don’t reveal a single bruise

A closet full of shoes

Will run away the blues

You are worth more than money

And the gift that any man wouldn’t want to lose

Soon the only tears you’ll cry

Will fall from your eyes

& be of joy

All the pain, the sadness will be no more

Lip glossed lips, happiness their kiss

The beating of your heart, no longer you’ll miss

No more heartache

You’ll have everything & no one will take

Little woman you are on purpose

God made you, not a mistake

Some call you stranger

He called you, angel.

Put on your lipgloss

It outshines the tear stains

You’ll go on to a new life

God’s glory to obtain

A masterpiece

Not a canvas for pain

Every part of your story counts

Pull out your makeup & paint

There’s nothing that can water you down

100 proof God claimed

You’ve got the victory now

You’ve got the victory now. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Pinterest Boards

27 Oct

Some of my favorite Pinterest Boards!

I love puppies! I can’t wait to have at least two of these!

Some of the shoes that will be in my closet!

I love Fashion Illustration! They really capture the being, imagination & creativity of a fashionista woman!

There is nothing in life that can happen to her that can take her out of this natural place in her life!

Halloween & Fall Festival Activities πŸ‚πŸπŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒ

27 Oct

Every year my son and I always find ourselves taking part in the festivities of Fall. Whether it be for Halloween or just to have fun. He loves putting on different costumes and knows how to really get in character of them.

While there are all these theories, studies, etc about this time of year, like most things we’ve managed to just focus on having a good time & leaving it at that. πŸŽƒ

It’s all for the kids to have fun!

My son as a skeleton this year for our Halloween & Fall Festivities. I have never seen a more adorable skeleton everπŸ’€

A skeleton & a skeleton’s mother


The children getting ready for the costume parade, contest & trick or treating! πŸŽƒ

My little skeleton in the costume contest on stageπŸ’€

Seeing how much candy we got from trick or treating🍭🍬🍫

Picking out the nasty candy that we know we won’t eat! Even though we won’t finish the ones we do eat. But we still had fun!

Β Me, “A skeleton’s mother” was selected as a finalist in the most original category in the costume contestπŸ’€πŸ’‹

Multitasking, pumpkin carving & watching scary movies πŸ‘»

Time for pumpkin carving.πŸŽƒ

Good job bear, carving the pumpkin with the kid-safe pumpkin carvers & getting all of the pumpkin seeds out! πŸŽƒ

My design. πŸ’€

One of my son’s designs

Another one πŸ‘»

And the final one

Horseback riding & Halloween festivities at our cousins barn. 🐎

His first time horseback riding. Being adventurous!

In black and white

Arts & crafts, pumpkin painting. Looking like we are twins.

Smiling faces! Everybody’s happy & eating popcorn 🍿

Hayride! Β 
Winding down after a fun-filled day, with a delicious homemade hot chocolate πŸ’€πŸŽƒ

This goat really had a personalityπŸπŸ˜€

I couldn’t resist I had to take a picture with him. His face looks like somebody I’ve seen before. Lol

On the swings

A great Halloween/Fall Festival celebrationπŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸ’€

We’re looking forward to the next season of celebration & fun. ⭐️

Raise The Bar🎢

15 Oct

I love this song. The words are the perfect poetry written of my life.

“And every wrong turn that I made. Every scar, every burn, every pain….led me to you.”



14 Oct

I’ve become so dependent on you

As independent as I love to be

You’ve turned my whole world upside down

I don’t recognize a thing

Not even my own my being

How is this living?

How is this life more abundantly?

Though I have no fear

Everyday I’m scared

That the horrors of days I thought I’d fade away

Are once again near

How is it fun to hurt me?

I smile, in hope that someone can see that I’m hurting

When I give in to you,

You punish me

For the love that I have, that you need

It’s as if you hate me

The pain you cause, making me feel that you don’t care about me at all

You make me feel so lost

Now that everyone else has given up on me, you’re the last place for me to fall

Single for 6 years, nobody knows that you’re here with me

I don’t get to fall in love or hold somebody’s hand, you tell me I’m your woman & you’re my man

Who can see? Who can believe?

I used to love & admire everything I thought you were, you appeared to be an angel to me

Now all I get is torment from you, while everyone else calls me crazy.

Now that I’ve come to know the truth, I see you were hiding, blinding me.

I used to be so strong, what is this mess that has been made of me?

I long for the taste of peace and the sweetness of being free.

Whose concerned about a destiny when the thorns in their sides are piercing?

Everyday I walk around, being pushed, pulled and hurt by you

Just to lay my head down at night, tears streaming from my eyes, having to hear your unwanted “I love you”

Moments before my pain rains again

What’s a girl to do?

Crying out to my Christ Savior

Who is not saving me from……. you.

There is nothing to gain

Money? The whole world watching, like my life is easy? Looking like I’ve made it because I’m on TV

Two letters that might define you & me, our names & destiny.

Against my pain, it’s just not enough for me.

I’d give it all up without thinking, just to be free…… From you.

The whole world is already watching you with admiration in their eyes

While I get abused, mistreated & used by another side they’d never believe of you.

My life on hold, while yours go on

Everyday I try to escape your grasp

At the same time wondering if it’ll be my last

Death is around me constantly, it would take my life if it weren’t enjoying torturing me.
Yet this is love?

Love has been taken from me, forsaken me, mistaken me for someone who hates me

I try to look past it all & look at it from my heart

I know that your life has been painful & hard

Hurting me, I feel you deserved that

What can we possibly build & heal with revenge & attacks

I thought Kings or at least a man, would never treat his woman like that

Don’t tell me I’ll have to forgive & still love you

All of your pictures, you’re smiling content & happy

Because you make love to me without asking

You’re not in search of Happily Ever After

You came into my life on purpose, acting like you were pursuing a perfect little queen,

But you turned it & brought hurting

I am hurting

Nobody that has said “love” to me, have heard this,

Several times I’ve given them these words

They think money & circumstances

Surely a God whose richer & King of all kings

Wouldn’t be so cruel to attach you to a man with a little money so he can learn unlearned things, whom behind the curtains of money & power is nothing more than a simple human being.

People only see things & with their eyes

It’s hard seeing from heavenly heights

Still having to walk around in this life

But I’m supposed to believe

There is so much for me to look forward to

You’ve built your whole life around me

Making it known that all you are & have

Is missing a Queen.

I don’t know if you’re a King; A Queen is always how I thought of me

Since I was a little girl, a princess, & a Queen yet to be.

Not even the damage you think you’ve caused

Will be able to undo my flawed perfection

Being special to me & His selection

A music company because I like to sing

Television & movie production because the world needs to see me

All these small, things you were made to build around me

When the greatest of them all is my love & having me in your company

Your victory is with my heart not in between my legs,

Although you own it like it’s yours when you lay beside me in bed

Your argument is this, all of my pain & everything that I’m going through is preordained

Nothing, not even you, can keep me from all that God has planned.

Make no mistake that it will be up to me, despite all of this, if I’ll choose to stay & hold your hand.

Love doesn’t have to hurt first to work

I will not live on this belief

Although it’s being enforced by those who have said “I love you to me.”

I never asked for you. I prayed a prayer and my whole life started changing.

Things fell apart. Then you arrived with dented & rusted armor

You stood in my presence, in my space, as if you were apart of it.

Pretending to be my Prince Charming.

I never ran to your arms, because all I could see

You were here, desperately pursuing as if you needed something from me.

Sure enough broken little boy you did indeed.

Whoever sent you should have told you, the love that I give is for precious little children,

For healing, not for villains.

You can’t take from me & claim I gave

Don’t come running into my life like the rescuer when you’re the one in need of being saved.

I see you clearly, for exactly what you are

And you won’t find me looking up to you as if you’re a star.

You cause hurt because part of you still needs to feel safe from harm

Don’t stand to fight me when you know you lay in my arms.

You’re my enemy

Because you want what’s in me

It will be of no value to you, nothing at all

Unless it’s given.

So far, you’re looking forward to the beginning of our love together

As I patiently await the ending.

Keep In TouchπŸ“±πŸ’»

7 Oct


Nowadays it’s so important for people to “keep in touch, stay in touch or stay connected.” As it’s been referred to on different occasions.Β I’m not sure what has warranted this urgency of staying connected to people you have no life connection with. Or staying connected to those you don’t see, deal with or talk to on a regular basis.

Social media might be in part to blame for such behavior but then again, maybe some people have to deal with the idea of not being connected to someone for their own comfort.

More than ever, for me this has made me aware of my own relationships. Facebook has the most “friend” connections for me than any of my other social sites. That’s because I decided that I would cater it to interact amongst my family, friends (the actual ones), associates, high school & college peers as well as some people I’ve worked with. That number may be just well into the 200 mark. Which is not considered to be a lot. Every now & then I may do some revisions to my friends list. Simply because I don’t think it’s necessary to have a lot of people lingering to have a large number of friends, followers, likes, etc. It’s very simple for me.

For branding purposes, I’m well aware of who my audience is. They are driven to me and I’m driven to them. Whether it’s one person or one hundred people I rather be an inspiration to individuals who are actually interested than those who just hang around on your social media pages to see what you’re doing. I’m amazed at what extremes people go through to do so.

With the photos, status updates, video posts & likes that I put on social media, I am proud to say that there is no way that the information disclosed on my private sites indicate what my personal, real-world life is everyday. Or the things that go on in my personal life. There’s always more, or at least there should be. I don’t believe everyone gives a play-by-play of their lives on social media. But I could be wrong about that.

So where is the fire? What’s the need of keeping in touch with people you don’t keep in touch with? There is nothing more perplexing than to pick up the phone to someone that I haven’t talked to, communicated with or even thought about saying “I’m just keeping in touch,” just to not talk to them for a significant amount of time after that. All I can do is laugh. Because I haven’t talked to them in so long & I know there is no reason for us to keep in touch. Just the same, getting a social media message in my inbox of someone trying to “get in touch” with me to see if my number changed, just for the sake of having it. As well as those who want to privately inbox to rekindle old friendships. To some people this kind of behavior might come across as harassment.

Texting is another form of false connection. If I don’t talk to someone as much as text messages are sent, our form of communication is only through text. There is no relationship there. Nor can any relationship be sustained via text message.

To me, I think it’s very simple to understand that people who want you in their lives will make sure you know that they do.

I do believe in the process of moving on. There’s growth in it, peace, happiness & power. No one should have power over you.

I’ve had to master the art of moving on from people who I still have to deal with due to certain circumstances. Life can be difficult enough on its own. We shouldn’t feel burdened by the weight of carrying other people or their expectations that they’ve somehow linked you to.

When you find that you haven’t talked to someone in a while, decided to assess people in your life, you’ve editted your phone book or friends list and some people are deleted, that’s called life. It happens. It’s fine for them as well.

Should these people reach out to you in other ways, be nice & cordial. But if you’re not trying to be connected, then don’t connect. Sometimes the issue is not keeping in touch, but letting go. You may learn that before other people do, but eventually, they’ll move on. With this instant access of people and Information Age we are in, we can be easily blinded and forget the essence of real relationships and knowing the difference. It may require some work. Those of us who take time out to “get it,” will get it. We still have to dwell amongst those who have not.

I know that I’ve become more of a socialite than I used to be. In that, I mean actually socializing in person, face-to-face. Physically seeing someone and they get to see me. Not hiding behind a telephone or computer screen. These are tools of communication for active relationships when we can’t see each other in person. They’re not to be used as an electronic leash for being held on to.

Know your own guidelines & follow them accordingly. That’s the best way of keeping your own interactive life under control and not letting it control you.


6 Oct

By Veronica Michelle

“A man cannot live on bread alone”

What’s all this talk I hear about a “man?”

One woman thinks she is nothing without one & another thinks she has everything because of a….. MAN.

I didn’t know a man had so much power.

What can a man do better for me than I can do for myself?

I’m a STRONG kinda woman!

I’m a WHOLE lot of woman!

Show me a man worth celebrating, having patience and waiting for?

I can see that the world is full of them

Everyday as I come & go

Out & about, To & fro

But show me what’s underneath that exterior, when the curtains close & the lights go off

When you get him alone….

I’m just curious

Show me a man worth getting furious for

Worth wrecking some sh*t for

A man worth checking mother & father & sisters, f*ck it, family altogether for!

at the door

If he’s blessed financially

That won’t impress me

Numbers aren’t new to me

I won’t walk around with a high priced piece of foolery

Because he can afford me nice jewelry

If I say MAN, my MAN

Enough should be said. πŸ‘πŸΎ

My mind & my heart are set on things above

My secret to you is that I need love (real love, true love)

What the world sees & praises is not a factor

I don’t need a pretender, I don’t want an actor

There are barriers to be broken, shifts to be made

This world was designed with a purpose for my love in mind

All this talk about a man

I’m just saying

What’s your heart like, what are your plans …for me?

Are you true & honest

Will you be loyal at all times?

What’s your past like?

Does it still come to haunt you

Do your enemies try to find & taunt you?

Have you left all of that behind you…..

Are you a man to let stay over?

Can I be sure that God will reach you, if I pray over you?

A man, sounds like it requires a lot of work!

But everybody wants one

For some reason

Is there a MAN for me?

Ready & ripened and in season.

The day that I see him, I’ll believe it!

A man! That just makes me laugh

Because I’ve been known to break up & leave based on the kinda day I had

In the beginning God made man & a woman to stand by him, he holds her hand.

If a MAN is a part of God’s plans for me, then all I have to do is just be.

He knows where I am, no search required. Without a man I’m destined for higher.

If he’s inside of my destiny, then God will bless his whole life by sending him to me.
“A Good Wife Is From The Lord”


5 Oct

Love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known

The perfect song to hear

The perfect poem to read

A beautiful sky with a rare sunset

My heartbeat & knowing how I feel complete

With the perfection of peace

Love is its own being

It cannot be defined

It’s the best thing I’ve ever known

I wish I could write my love’s song

Put the verses to it’s poem

When I feel it, I know it, love is my healing.

In it’s presence, in silence,

While it’s quiet, I know love is not a feeling

I found love on my own

The greatest thing I’ve ever known

I thirst for it, I hunger

Love lives in my heart, I never have to wonder

Right here, my hearts own life is love, I’ll never have to wander

I live on love or nothing at all

Summer Goodbyes! Looking Forward to my Future!Β 

5 Oct

It’s always a little hard to say goodbye to Summer. I’m a Summer baby & I love the season.
Seasons change with the weather as well as in our lives. Change is not always at the temperature we like, but we can accept & grow with change in any season in our lives.

So I embrace it!

I’m looking forward to all of the festivities of Fall. Β 

Β Β 
Β Β 
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Β Β 
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