Tears In My Lip Gloss

30 Oct


I only want you to see me beautiful

A face full of make-up

When you watch me dream

And the moment I wake up

I love being beautiful from my soul

When a woman is being loved the way she should be

There is this never-ending glow

Tears fall from my eyes

And on to my lips

I smear them in together and wear with my gloss

A glimpse of myself in the mirror

Must I carry this cross

With the right blend of foundation, blush and eyeshadow; a post of the perfect selfie

Surely screams out to others that I need someone to help me

Several years already

Can’t I continue on to the end

As I make it one more day

Hands that are ready & willing to heal me once again

I feel sad for the little girl I see, as I look around and I get to see myself for myself; my very best friend

I remember seeing my face now as a little girl

And how I knew then that I could have the world

If only I could have warned her

Kept her a girl a little longer

I even loved my lip gloss back then

Features unfinished, I always thought the me I saw was the most beautiful woman

Playing with my dolls or listening to music.

My pretend play was never quite pretend

I always found a way to believe for my life the things that I imagined

Little girl, being a girl is much easier than being a mother

I would have told her

Before she became a woman.

Eyes fill with water more now, than when you were a child.

I put on my favorite lip flavor or color & face forward

The mirror approves

My tears stored away, I don’t reveal a single bruise

A closet full of shoes

Will run away the blues

You are worth more than money

And the gift that any man wouldn’t want to lose

Soon the only tears you’ll cry

Will fall from your eyes

& be of joy

All the pain, the sadness will be no more

Lip glossed lips, happiness their kiss

The beating of your heart, no longer you’ll miss

No more heartache

You’ll have everything & no one will take

Little woman you are on purpose

God made you, not a mistake

Some call you stranger

He called you, angel.

Put on your lipgloss

It outshines the tear stains

You’ll go on to a new life

God’s glory to obtain

A masterpiece

Not a canvas for pain

Every part of your story counts

Pull out your makeup & paint

There’s nothing that can water you down

100 proof God claimed

You’ve got the victory now

You’ve got the victory now. 🙌🏽


One Response to “Tears In My Lip Gloss”

  1. SHUTTHATNEGATIVENOISEOFF! October 30, 2015 at 9:51 pm #

    Nice! You look great! Blessings, Emma

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