Archive | October, 2015


5 Oct

Love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known

The perfect song to hear

The perfect poem to read

A beautiful sky with a rare sunset

My heartbeat & knowing how I feel complete

With the perfection of peace

Love is its own being

It cannot be defined

It’s the best thing I’ve ever known

I wish I could write my love’s song

Put the verses to it’s poem

When I feel it, I know it, love is my healing.

In it’s presence, in silence,

While it’s quiet, I know love is not a feeling

I found love on my own

The greatest thing I’ve ever known

I thirst for it, I hunger

Love lives in my heart, I never have to wonder

Right here, my hearts own life is love, I’ll never have to wander

I live on love or nothing at all


Summer Goodbyes! Looking Forward to my Future! 

5 Oct

It’s always a little hard to say goodbye to Summer. I’m a Summer baby & I love the season.
Seasons change with the weather as well as in our lives. Change is not always at the temperature we like, but we can accept & grow with change in any season in our lives.

So I embrace it!

I’m looking forward to all of the festivities of Fall.