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I Am Your Mother 

31 Jan

To My Son (The Power Of I Am)


I’ve always been called “peculiar,” “fanatical,” “crazy,” as of lately

Never who I am or by the name that God gave me

I have to admit, I’ve not been the same & someone I thought I’d never be,

Since God gave me, a little baby

Always remember, 

It doesn’t matter what you hear from others,

My baby. My Son. I am your Mother.

Next to God, no one will love you more. I Love You.

It doesn’t matter what people try to say & do about us

My audacity & authority was not given or is in me because of a man

Everyday whether they like it or not, I am being directed & moved by God’s hand

Because He has plans for Us.

This discipline is hard & difficult to bare

Give God your trust, He directs us with love

Jesus is the friend that sticks closer by your side than a brother

No matter what people try to say to you about me

Nobody knows me better than you, my heart is for you

I Love You

I Am Your Mother.

They think I am crazy, they haven’t seen crazy And I better be unpredictable & capable

If we’re at war and bullets are spraying

I am not doing this for a proper & well  put label I am not moved by titles & labels of family since Cain & Abel

I’ll tell you like it is, Our God is still working & able

He would never neglect your heart; You’re strong & smart

And you were only 3 years old when He saved you. 

He’s a Day One kind of God. He’s had his eye on you ever since

It just breaks my heart that I didn’t know before you were born, you would be born into this

My one & only baby. Broken hearts, years of tears, torn apart, insults to injury & the only thing I can be called is “crazy.”

The growth that is happening within you, 

Some men never obtain until after they’re old in age

With Grace & Mercy God makes Miracles  happen from your pain. 

Everyday, all day, throughout my day, I am always talking to God & pray for you and about you

You know how you say my prayers are “long” when I pray over you before bed?

How much more when you’re away?

My child, sweet child, when I’m talking to my God about my son, I never run out of things to say. 

Let me whisper a secret in your ear, 

That others will see & hear but will never understand 

We, you and I are not defined by time. *

We’ve been in our storm for quite some time

Usually the more years, the more fear, that God will not rescue us and be revered. 

Whether you feel Him or see Him around, He’s here. *

What a shame, to be thrown into a game

Where a man’s pain is mistaken for pride and love is ignored by law of the court

A little while, my child & your enemies will be no more

I look back on pictures

I see how I tried my best to have everybody around

My efforts were in vain & only brought us pain

I know how I’ll love when it’s you & I again. *

I face lies, deceit & slander 

Misuse of my name

All of my life, I purposely aimed 

To keep a good reputation but who they want to think I am is not who I am or who I will be.

And don’t worry, in Gods glory

My name will change*

I say all of this to say to you,

You’re just a little boy & I see what you’re going through.

But you have a God that is like None Other

And I am your Mother

I Love You.

Because of our hearts, it doesn’t matter where we are

Together or apart

We are in this together

I am gentle, peaceful, humble mostly

But you already know this because you know me.

So let them say, what they’re gonna say

Don’t let it bother you that they speak about your mother that way

In present times & in our future, people that are watching you will always have something to say.

Good or bad, just dust it right off of your shoulder

And don’t worry my child, this is almost over. 

It’s Almost Over.*


Quotes of The Day! 

26 Jan


Holiday Season Blessings!

4 Jan

The holidays are always a special time for me! 

I can smile each year at the close of the holidays and look forward to a brand new year with the same wonderment, enthusiasm & eagerness for the next year. It’s always amazing & surprising to me.