#Mood 👸🏽

16 Feb


“Man of my dreams!”


“Part Of Your World”


This is how it all happened girls….


Hello, its me…


“He’s so beautiful….”


When a good looking man is headed your way & your hair is mess. And hes looking at you!


I understand this picture, finally in my life. If he dies so does her destiny & her dream. Above all, she loves him that much. She dares anyone to get in her way. #Mood #2016


“I want More!”


Watch & you’ll see, someday I’ll be part of your world”




Goodbye daddy


When you know your destiny


When your a princess on land & under the sea #ItAllBelongsToMe


6 sisters, theres only 1 #Ariel


You know who I am


when your enemies stay lurking trying to pull you back down when you’re rising



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