He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me

10 Mar

Every single woman that has escaped marrying a certain man I believe, has an internal gratitude or celebration. At least she should have! Even if she’s had a baby by him. (For the single mothers and baby mamas.πŸ˜‰)

At some point she realized that this man wasn’t the one for her. Instead of settling in the situation, forcing marriage because of the excuse that there is a child involved, she had to find the strength to walk away from that man. Which isn’t always an easy thing to do. 

I hear of so many situations where the child’s mother or “baby mama” is to blame for every problem in every drama-filled situation. Being a single mother, I know now, like I always have that this isn’t true. 

The woman now in the exes life, would sometimes rather believe the worse of a woman from the past, than to accept the truth, especially when that truth comes with a child. 

Me being the kind of woman I am, I could never find comfort in being with a man who isn’t both intentional & adamant about having a peaceful situation with someone he has a child with. Instead of trying to attack her and make me think she’s the problem. For one. 

For two, I personally am not a woman who would marry someone’s “baby’s daddy.” It’s not my style. I was raised under a single mother, and hard-working women who has dealt with men’s craziness & chaos. I would think too much of the woman and child/children, he’s leaving just to attempt & try it again with me. 

I would send him right back to her! 

Whether or not he stayed would not be my issue. But home is not with me either. Ok?

Lastly, because of my beliefs and what I know I wouldn’t settle with, my husband does not have any children. In other words, when he comes to me and tries to marry me, he will be a single man with no children & most likely, never been married. 

Even though I have a son. πŸ™‚

What we believe we have to settle for as women, we settle for. What we don’t, we don’t. 

“Now it’s time you know the truth, I think he’s just the man for you!”πŸ–•πŸ½


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