My Sunday Inspiration 

24 Apr

“Through The Storm”

When you go through things in life, people expect you to respond in a manner that resembles lying down & dying. 

They don’t expect that you are going to keep going, keep smiling & actually keep enjoying your life. 

It is possible to face difficult times & continue to live life. While you are going through it. 

You don’t have to be and feel and respond and react the way others want you to, to make them happy. Keep being happy! Keep smiling! Keep living your life!

When bad things happen, I’M GOOD! That’s what people don’t want to see, believe or see you believing!

Some people will try to assess trials through your smile. If you look too happy then maybe what you are going through isn’t that bad. That’s how they think. 

When they see you face attack after attack & you are not losing your mind in a situation where you could be, should be, where they would be losing their minds, some people would rather add to your pain than trying to help you if you already seem “too” happy. 

Some people can’t take time out to see your pain & nurture you & provide you with love & affection because they see your anointing & they want to just know when the blessing is coming. 

With others, actions don’t match their words in how they deal with you, but that’s ok! They are skeptical of you. Although they deal with you. While they know or think you are “special” they don’t know all that you deal with in your life. They can’t deal with the difficulties of your life, until it’s over. Then they want to be at the celebration, the victory in your life, as if they’ve been there for you the entire way. 

When you are in a storm, it can add insult to injury & be difficult to face dealing with different kinds of people. Trying to discern their actions & keep your faith, when people you love hurt you, while they know you are hurting. Especially if you call these people family. They leave you to feel worse than the person who hurt you before did because you call them family. Be it an actual family memeber or someone who is close to you like family. 

You battle the question “why?”
“Dont you know what I’m dealing with? Do you care? Why would you try to hurt me more?” 

It makes you wonder. How you can face someone’s careless actions. I learned that just because you are careful with others does not mean that they will be careful with you. The way that you try to value people doesn’t mean that they value you. When someone hurts you, who says they love you and tries to justify their actions instead of apologizing, then you have to forgive them and keep it going. 

For yourself! Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to see that if someone would want to hurt you while you already going through a tumultuous time, then it’s something wrong with them and not you. 

Just because you have a major storm doesn’t mean that there won’t be showers throughout it. Happiness is the thing that you have to fight for. It comes from your JOY! When you discover that you can be joyful, happy, peaceful, content and full off of the goodness of God, nobody can take that away. 

So what if people know you are going through something! Keep smiling, keep pursuing your goals, keep being happy. In all situations you are in representation of God. An example to others!!! 

As hard as it can be, being chosen by God is a gift. 

Chosen to go through the trials to get to the triumphs. 

A vessel, not a victim. To be victorious in the kingdom of God! 



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