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Facebook Friends vs. Friends

20 Jun

By Veronica Michelle πŸ’‹

Nowadays you have to know the difference. If majority of your communication, contacting & interacting with someone, anyone, is over Facebook or any trendy social media site, you are “Facebook friends.”

The amount of time you’ve known someone does not determine the quality of a friendship.

Real friendships/relationships require more maintenance than some people are willing to believe. Or give for that matter. But they love to talk about “friends.” 

(You can’t expect for someone to be a good friend to you. If you don’t show/prove yourself to be a good friend).

Effort requires action. Action cannot be performed with the pressing of a “like” button on social media. 

Some people like to use you (others as well). If it is allowed it means that you are a friend to them. If it isn’t allowed, then you’re not considered as being a good friend. 

For the same people to always be on the receiving end, & rarely to never on the giving end, is not a real friendship. 

The past is not relevant to the present in friendships. People will dwell forever on the past. Until you realize that’s exactly where you left them. (Many years ago, when you grew up & they didn’t. You outgrew them.)

It’s hard to be friends with, especially best of friends with people you have outgrown. 

The best exchange between two people are first & always the exchange between two human beings. Simply connecting to someone. Those are the best gifts. What’s on the inside of an individual. 

-If there is a negative exchange from someone, there is no gift in negativity. Especially to someone who isn’t negative. 

Some people or “friends” around you only want to get close enough to rub up against you. In other words to try to obtain what they see in you, for themselves. They want to steal your joy, peace & happiness. 

Authenticity can never be duplicated. 

For the singles with married friends. As a single woman you might take notice and overlook indications of your married friends being jealous of you. It’s not something we look for, but you can’t ignore it. 

Why would happily married friends be jealous of you? 

-Needless to say some marriages that appear happy, are not always happy. 

– When you are a single woman and you are genuinely happy, single & free. Some of your married friends envy this about you, whether they admit it or not. 

– When you have your life going on without the help or dependency of a man. That’s enviable in itself. Every gal should have the need to fulfill her independent self, before settling down. Some women marry young before they can achieve this. 

– Your Favor! There is nothing more radiant than the favor of God, glowing through you. From the inside out. As crazy as it seems, this is something people are jealous of as well. As if it were your choice. #GodChoseMe

– If you have great potential, proven success with your career-goals & direction in life that is clearly before you and there is nothing that denies you are on a path of great success.  Some people show you very early on, that they won’t be able to handle it. 

Sometimes people ( friends included can see things in you, before you do).

Some friendships are about people just wanting to stay connected to you. Without wanting to put in the effort to. 

A lot of the things you deal with pertaining to friends always have a valuable lesson attached to it.  You have to always remain prepared. To accept the changes. As well as the growth that will come from it. 

Some people are a blessing. Some are a lesson. 

There are people in your life for a reason. And others for a season. 

Some are there for the long run and some are there for the home run. 

Apply your filters and necessary changes will happen. 

Always be ready & willing to meet the best friend of your life at any given time. Don’t limit God! With the limitations others try to put on you. 



Shades😎 Of Summer! 

20 Jun

Today is the first day of Summer! 

When the weather is good everyday to be outside & find something fun to do. 

Whether it’s walking on the lakefront, to the park, or out & about in an eventful city. There’s always something to do. 

That’s what I love about my favorite Season. 

What’s even better is a pair of sunglasses to go with the moods of the Summer! 

Here’s to 3 full months of sun & fun! 


Happy Summering! 🌞

Social Media & Imaginary “Friends” πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

18 Jun

My Starbucks Playlist πŸŽΆ

7 Jun

I love the music they have playing in one of my favorite coffee houses! I made a playlist of the songs I can’t help but sing along to when I’m there. 

It’s also great for writing inspiration! πŸ–Š



2 Jun



2 Jun