Period Package: Delivered✅

22 Sep

I watched on one of my favorite talk shows, that there was a company or idea that created PMS Packages for women & that they could be delivered to your door each month.

This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard of!

What a great idea & concept. Another way to celebrate being a woman & femininity. Because I don’t always break into a PMS mode every month, with my feelings & emotions mine would be a “Period Package.” That would be delivered to me every month, for my monthly visit from Mother Nature, preferably with something different each time. 

Imagine if it were sent by your special guy🤔💪🏽🎁 That would be kinda cute. 

I came up with some ideas of what I’d request in my Period Package: 

Veronica’s Princess Period Package:👄💋

✅Flowers ✅At-home Manicure/Pedicure/Facial/Eyebrows OR a Gift Certificate, if I want to go out✅Jewelry ✅Music✅Candy/Chocolate✅Pads✅Good Food ✅Horse & Carriage Ride ✅Magazines/Books ✅Chef/Bartender ✅Gift Card/Black Card to shop wherever I want ✅A NEW tech toy/ device💻⌚️🖥📲 ✅Journal/Notebook ✅Stickers for my Happy Planner ✅Etceteras✅✅✅✅
Simply thoughtful things, that would be a surprise & that I would feel is thoughtful. 

Either way whether it is prearranged or a surprise, I would be happy to have it because I love to get boxes delivered to me in the mail. 📬💌📦📮✉️



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