Stand Out/Fit In

22 Sep

It seems that every man thinks a single woman is or should be looking for a man. Just a thought. That’s not what this post is about. 💬

When the whole world is doing something, people(the whole world) automatically thinks that’s what you’re going to do, what you want to do & should be doing. And that eventually, that’s what you will do as well. 

Ideal and tradition has people’s minds programmed and messed up. 

Everything on social media has got to be right, if the majority is doing it. That’s how people think.

In the church I learned, I heard, if everybody has a problem with you, then you must be the problem. That everyone can’t be against you. 

I am not controlled by what everyone else is doing. My mind, heart & ideas are controlled by what I want. But by most importantly, what I know. The conversations I’ve had with God in my relationship with Him. 

I’ve never been the person to follow what everyone else is doing. Nor do I concern myself with being “liked.”

That’s not to be confused with me being a socialable or likable person. Because I am! I get along with all kinds of people & personality types. 

I’ve never been the one to be or do what people want.  And since I’m not, people often waiver in their feelings about me. Which is fine. Because can’t just anyone be close to me, is what I think it means. Even if it feels like a curse, I know this is a gift from God. So I thank Him, I’m grateful. And I keep it moving, with a good heart.❤️ 

I also pray that despite the lapsed friendships/relationships/familyships, that I don’t let that negatively affect me in building new & solid relationships in my life. 

It’s always been a mystery to me, the effort I see in people trying so hard to fit in & be accepted by the crowd. Being an individual & standing out has always felt better to me. (A natural state, seeing I’m not like everyone else. And I like it!)

Trying to fit in or feeling like I might just be like everybody else is what scares me. It’s a more uncomfortable thought than being different & standing out. 

Fulfillment for my heart & my soul is what I seek. Everyday. 

Being Veronica Michelle & appointed & assigned as a Mother, both of which were made of me by God is my divine purpose in life. It isthe truest desire & passion that burns deep inside of me. 

I feel so BLESSED to have found this early in my life. 

So as difficult of a road it can be, I’ve been on it my whole life. I have plenty of practice. And you know what they say, practice makes perfect. *

I recall a memory or overhearing my grandmother say something very wonderful & inspiring about me.  I like to believe she said it directly to me. It was right before she passed away in 2001. She said ” I hope Veronica be the one to make it.” And those words stayed with me from the moment I heard them to this day.  I just wish I could talk to her to find out what she knew & saw in me. It blesses me every time I think of her. If she’s watching over me, she knows I have a son & there are two of us now. *

And we will Grandma, be the Two to make it! 😘
#Separated #SetApartToBeSetUp #BigSetbacks=BiggerComebacks💫


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