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A Love Quote πŸπŸ‚❀️

12 Oct

My Personal Library

22 Mar


Three of my favorite books.

These three books are a few of many that will always be on the shelves of my personal library that are relevant to my professional & personal life.


4 Mar

Worthy 1


    By Veronica M. Benson

    I am just a girl
    Finding her place in this world

    I’ve been through it all,
    Trials big & small
    Unbroken from every fall

    I return.

    Just to learn,
    that I am deserving
    of everything good, that this life
    could offer me.
    I earned it. I’m WORTHY.
    If I would try to define my worth
    I deserve the earth
    and only a man who would walk it several times over to try and see me
    Even if he could be nothing more than a friend to me
    She’s worth it. She has purpose

    That nobody has lived before
    and that nobody can deliver her to, but the Lord
    She’s tried to be everything for everybody else
    now she’s going to be everything for herself
    Her time is now. For such a time as this.

    Prepared years; the best that will ever be
    Flourishes, shining, brightly, blooming from the ground
    surrounded, by enemies.
    Or anybody that appears to be a friend to me.

    I don’t want to hear “be humble,” I’m humble.
    And no more being Ms. Modest
    I’m just being honest
    I’ve taken a long test all this while
    and whatever it takes,
    I’ve proven that I’ve got it
    Nobody’s gonna take it from me…

    Or will be allowed to say they were with me
    when all along, their actions and words
    proved, you, were against me
    This is me.
    When I was about to run on empty,
    I had to lift me
    & fill me
    Pick me…up
    and save me
    So I pick me!

    She alone is WORTHY!

    Focused. Forgiving. (You’re forgiven.) Healed. Healing while healing. Aware of the power given into her hands.
    She’s ready. The world has turned & is waiting with her own place to stand.

    She’s been hurt on top of hurt, while she was hurting
    No amount of pain can contain her & keep her away from all that she deserves.
    Pain can’t define her worth.
    She’s WORTHY. Deserving.
    When you see her,
    You too, will know that she deserves it.

    I am WORTHY!

    She deserves all that is GOOD
    right from her Chicago neighborhood to Hollywood
    Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she could.
    She knew it before she got there.
    when she was all alone and no one else was there.
    She deserves to have it all!
    She should.

    No shame in her celebration
    No guilt for every moment she spent waiting
    Anticipating, chasing her dreams
    while holding in her screams

    All put up against her
    is working, for her good
    she worked it
    for a greater purpose

    and nobody, no honey, not even you
    can tell her better
    That she deserves it!

    She’s worth it. I DESERVE IT!

    I am WORTHY!


Caleb Presents…..

5 Feb

With all the latest dance crazes going on with today’s youth with a new style of dancing called “bopping,” kids everywhere are inspired to dance and sing a long to these highly intensive dance routines that could very well serve as some form of exercising.

One of my son’s favorite things right now is the “DLow Shuffle.” Although I wasn’t as excited as he when I learned of his interest with this new trend of music and dance, I found out more information and understood why he would be attracted to it. So I dance along with him now. Also, with a background of music and dance that I know has left an impression on him from my life and times of singing and dancing, as well as poetry, it was bound to fall heavily on him. Also a recent favorite movie of his titled “Let It Shine” Caleb has drawn his rap inspiration from actor/artist Tyler James Williams. A young man that raps throughout the movie and in his real-life without cursing and degrading women.

Being a supportive mother is as important as being a praying mother to me.

Since he was a baby the camera has always been on him and now he has grown to love it and has no timidity about it. Which I love & admire about him. So it’s no surprise that he wanted to record his very own video.

Without further ado, introducing, my son, Caleb in his first rap & dance video, written, choreographed, free-styled & performed by him.

applause 1

applause 2

You can Youtube “Swag Bop Shuffle Caleb Anthony G” to watch & subscribe to his YouTube channel Caleb Anthony G & You can also watch it on my channel at Vemi08

Poetry: Shared Life

6 Jan

Shared Life
By Veronica M. Benson

Late in the night
Walking through the house
Without looking around
The brightness from the wall
Serves as a light
To the bathroom
Eyes still closed
Because you’ve made this walk before
Not wanting to turn on the lights
To disrupt you because you’re still sleep
A turn to sit
And you almost fall right through it
You can get mad, or laugh
Then you smile
Knowing someone else is asleep to
A walk back to the bed
You check in on em
To add more cover
A kiss to say I love you
A thank you to the Lord
And back to bed


It can’t hurt…

9 Apr

It can’t hurt, if you don’t let it
It can help if you find different ways to look at it

The greatest friend or company to ever be known,
you find, when you find yourself alone.

By Veronica M. Benson


10 Jul

When I found out about this book it was through someone who is married and I was nowhere near to being anybody’s wife. How do I know? Because that was over 4 years ago and I am still single. Happily single I must say!

I went to the bookstore and I ended up buying it. I wasn’t sure why. As I read through the book and saw how it is designed, to show a wife how to pray for every area of a husband’s life, I eventually came to the conclusion that I could pray for my husband before we even entered into each other’s lives. Not in an obsessive manner, but in a way to add another individual to my prayers. That’s different right? The idea felt strange at first. But then I knew if I could pray for a stranger, how much more for someone I know. It opened me up in different ways. So, that’s what I used it for, since I had it on hand.

I like how the book breaks down every area of a man’s life. How each area needs to be prayed for specifically. Most importantly as it pertains to my life right now, I also learned how to use the same methods of praying for my son and myself. To pray, often and to be specific about those things I expect to see real changes in, that I know I can’t change myself. You’d be surprise to find out that could be anything.

It’s amazing how some things manifest into our lives. I think about that when I see this book on my shelf, being as single as I am. Over 4 years worth of single at that! And so far, this is where I want to be! LOL. I’m just patient. That’s all! πŸ™‚

If I found it to be useful as a single woman, I thought it could surely be of value to those who are engaged, soon to be married or already married.

So, here you go!