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9 Feb

Introducing Veronica, “The Beauty Consultant”

22 Mar



Thursday March 20, 2014 I celebrated the launch of my latest career venture, becoming a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Becoming the CEO of my own Mary Kay Business. A name that’s popular across the world where many women are involved and doing the same thing successfully in their own Mary Kay businesses, I am now the CEO of my own Mary Kay business as well.

I hear success stories of different businesses in sales but never thought any of them were something I would like to do. When I heard the Mary Kay marketing plan, it was simple, to the point and it made sense to me. I thought if I would get into any business outside of my writing, this would be perfect!

Of course being able to play in make-up everyday and having another reason to get a group of girls together and call it party while perfecting our skin and making up faces is a good incentive, but I also looked further into my life. One of my long-term goals are to  launch my own beauty products and fragrances. It’s true! I thought about this many years before discovering the great benefits of Mary Kay. When I was given the opportunity to own my own business, the timing was perfect for taking on this type of career adventure.

I’m a few weeks in and have already moved up, by gaining a member to my team. I’m still looking to recruit career driven, classy and educated young women who are looking to learn a business that we are a part of everyday (skincare & beauty) with the products we choose to take care of ourselves, but having access to the best of what’s out there.

Finally, another benefit to joining a great group of women for me is the relationships and friendships that are built with other successful women. Interaction and getting to meet new people. I wasn’t always a people person, but I’ve come to appreciate and have found it quite interesting to meet another human being, man or woman. There are products for both. You’d never know whose life this business might change.

In this business one of the great benefits, is that you decide how much income you want from it. There are women who make a few hundred dollars a month and women who have six-figure incomes from being a Mary Kay business owner. You shape your business according to your life and your goals. You have the option of deciding how you grow.

With all the scams & schemes we run across on the internet and from people knocking on doors it’s hard to believe that anything is genuine anymore, if it ever was. I’ve never been someone to sign up for anything that didn’t come with money already, like a credit card, so finding this opportunity is a breath of fresh air for me. Being able to be a part of something genuine, realistic and something I can believe in!

I’m so excited!

For more information and if you’re interested in joining my Mary Kay team:


or send me an email at veronicamichelle@marykay.com

I’d be more than happy to share with you!


(In the pictures: The Starter Kit you’ll receive when you sign-up to become a member. It has everything that you need plus more to begin making lots of money. The skincare products, the different foundation colors to do makeovers for various skin types, catalogs to give away to customers, a mascara (that I love!) and so much more. Not to mention the cute bag that comes with it. If you love purses and bags, you can appreciate it. All of these products belong to you to give facials & makeovers and to tell people about your business. You have to see for yourself!