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Cars 3 🏎

16 Jun

It is time again! 

My son loves Cars! There will never be another car like Lightning McQueen! ⚡️

First the Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championship & now another Cars movie, 

It’s my baby’s year. 

#YearOfCaleb #Conqueror #FavoredByGod #GodTheFather👏🏾🙌🏽


The Road To Our Destiny in Video

4 Apr

We’re just beginning. 👸🏽👦🏾🙌🏽✨

Every Season Is Food Season! 

18 Sep


The Power of “Michelle” 

26 Feb

The White House will never be the same when First Lady Michelle Obama leaves. 

It’s been a great journey! 

A picture of me & my twin and sister in Power! 

#MichelleObama  #VeronicaMichelle  

I can’t help but see myself in her sometimes! 😊

Home For The Holidays! 🎄

16 Nov

My son & I absolutely love this time of the year! We get completely wrapped up in all the festivities of the holidays. From Thanksgiving through the New Year!

There’s always so much to do to get full of the holiday season spirit.

We’re looking forward to taking in every moment of it & documenting it all.  We’ll be sure to share some photos & stories with you. 🎄

Here’s to a wonderful, peaceful, happy, beautiful & blessed Holiday Season!

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What Are You Reading? 🗞📖

3 Nov

I’ve heard that some of the items that we continuously invest ourselves & time into says a lot about who we are & where we are in life. Maybe even where we want to go.

In an attempt to tackle some thorough in depth holiday cleaning I found myself sorting through some publications that I see on a free magazine stand or ones that have to have a good enough reason for me to spend my money on.

After separating them I realized that they could possibly reveal some interesting facts about who I am. In my past, present life & even my future.

I can say, that when you really believe in something, consistency is not an issue. What you believe becomes the air that you breathe, a part of your life that’s there without you even knowing it’s something you pushed yourself to do.

These are some of the books in my personal library that I’ve had for years. Every time I run across them, it’s like the first moment I bought them. A treasure that I found.

Now I see where my son gets his love of books from. 📚

Reading can be a great adventure! You never know what you’ll discover. Maybe you’ll discover yourself.

What are you reading?

 Lady Cars 🚦👠👗💋       

17 Sep

I really love the Red Jaguar convertible F-type! 
My son inspires my new found interest in cars. These are just a few cars that I have to have!