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Ballet Inspired Workout💪🏽💃🏽

21 Feb

Inspiration to workout can strike at anytime! 

My solution to avoid a missed moment of inspiration it to start right then and there. Do something! 

I begin in the space that I’m in and the clothes and work my way into it. 

I’ve even ran without the attire I usually wear. Shoes included. 

I also love dance! All types of dance!

When the music is on and I start to move my body I know that it will be the beginning of a workout session. 

I don’t wait to get to the gym to fulfill a moment of workout inspiration. 

#Dancer4Life #WorkoutInspiration #HealthyBody #Vision&Goals ✔️


Caleb Presents…..

5 Feb

With all the latest dance crazes going on with today’s youth with a new style of dancing called “bopping,” kids everywhere are inspired to dance and sing a long to these highly intensive dance routines that could very well serve as some form of exercising.

One of my son’s favorite things right now is the “DLow Shuffle.” Although I wasn’t as excited as he when I learned of his interest with this new trend of music and dance, I found out more information and understood why he would be attracted to it. So I dance along with him now. Also, with a background of music and dance that I know has left an impression on him from my life and times of singing and dancing, as well as poetry, it was bound to fall heavily on him. Also a recent favorite movie of his titled “Let It Shine” Caleb has drawn his rap inspiration from actor/artist Tyler James Williams. A young man that raps throughout the movie and in his real-life without cursing and degrading women.

Being a supportive mother is as important as being a praying mother to me.

Since he was a baby the camera has always been on him and now he has grown to love it and has no timidity about it. Which I love & admire about him. So it’s no surprise that he wanted to record his very own video.

Without further ado, introducing, my son, Caleb in his first rap & dance video, written, choreographed, free-styled & performed by him.

applause 1

applause 2

You can Youtube “Swag Bop Shuffle Caleb Anthony G” to watch & subscribe to his YouTube channel Caleb Anthony G & You can also watch it on my channel at Vemi08

Chicago Sky’s September 11th Game

19 Sep

By Veronica M. Benson


(photography by Veronica M. Benson)


The Chicago Sky’s women basketball team faced Arizona Phoenix’s Mercury on the historical day of September 11, 2013.

Before the game began there was a moment of silence in recognition to all of those who were affected by the tragedy 12 years ago.

There was much excitement in the All State Arena with a crowd of over 6,000 as this was one of the games leading up to the Playoffs for the Chicago Sky. The audience was live and in full affect, cheering on the ladies of the team.

10 minutes per quarter, by the end of the 1st half Phoenix had scored a total of 40 points. 21 for the 1st quarter & 19 for the 2nd. The Chicago Sky with 36 points. 18 for the 1st & 2nd quarters. The biggest team lead by the end of the 1st half was Phoenix’s 8 pts to Chicago’s 1. With the leads changing and being tied twice.

Epiphany Prince #10 of The Chicago Sky was a leading scorer for the team with 14 points by the end of the 1st half. Sylvia Fowles with 10 pts and Elena Delle Donne with 8.

The Mercury ladies had the lead for most of the game with the Chicago Sky trailing closely behind.


IMG-20130911-01157[1] (Photography by Veronica M. Benson)

Leading scorers for Phoenix by the middle of the 3rd quarter were #4 Candice Dupree with 13 pts, #24 Dewanna Bonner with 12 pts & #15 Briana Gilbreath with 9 pts. Each averaging over 20 minutes of playtime.

The half-time performances were lead by the women’s dance team, the “Luvabulls” and the Chicago IncrediBulls. Benny the Bull & The Chicago Sky Guy mascot were always on the scene for entertainment, pictures & also took part in the basketball stunts with the Incredibulls.

Down to the last moments of the the 4th quarter. With the game being tied after Epiphany Prince & Courtney Vandersloot of the Sky each scoring 1 of 2 foul line shots, ties the game to 68 pts, with :05.8 left on the clock. As the time winds down Elena Delle Donne takes the game winning shot for the Sky just seconds before the buzzer on the game clock.

A game that appeared to be headed for overtime becomes a victory for The Chicago Sky.

Post game Q&A Chicago Sky’s Sylvia Fowles talked about the MVP title and joining Twitter. She said “there was no push for MVP” and in a humorous manner, said “she was forced to join Twitter.” The morning of this game being the third time she had used the social media site.

Rookie Elena Delle Donne standing at a towering 6’5’ spoke with humility about being a possible MVP prospect, the playoffs & the shot she’d taken that won the game.

Be sure to check out the Chicago Sky during the playoff season!


(Photography by Veronica M. Benson for VeMichelle Writing Communications © 2013)