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Magazine Inspired Planner Layouts!

25 Jan

Illustration Inspiration 💋💖💄💅🏾👛👗👠🌂👑

8 May

Live A Larger Life

11 Oct

Learning that no one can make you happy is one of the most important & empowering realities that can ever be achieved in life. 

Each & everyday, every second of the day, a person is responsible for their own happiness.  There may be instances or situations where others can do things to bring you happiness, but true happiness & joy can only be found within. 

You are in control of your own moods & emotions. 

It sounds a lot simpler than it can be. Being happy everyday is a choice. It takes practice.

Living a larger life is very fulfilling. It involves everything that feels good to your spirit, your soul & your well-being in life. It is not always found in material things or financial status. Those things won’t provide genuine happiness if you haven’t discovered what life & happiness is outside of them.

I love living a simple life. Full of Peace, Prosperity & Purpose. 

Going to church, being outside enjoying nature & the environment, being with my son fueling & feeding his spirit, are some of the things that reminds me to continue seeking out a larger life.  
Self-advancement both spiritually & physically always guides me to grow. I can never stay at one place in my journey. While I sit still, I STILL have to grow. I highlight this as “being still” or “sitting pretty.” 

To start living a larger life, it’s simply taking a step toward self-fulfillment. Living a life where others opinions aren’t necessary for you to feel fulfilled. You can enroll in classes, go on an adventure, get a massage, master a skill, sign up for school(earn a higher degree),try skydiving, conquer a fear, enroll in a fitness program, take spiritual advancement classes, join a ministry, get a pet, open a business, host events, start or join a book club, go scuba diving, go on a stay-cation or luxury vacation, join a group, make vision boards or something as simple as joining social media. But the key is once you take that first step, don’t stop. Continue. Even if the first thing you try comes to an end. 

The more effort you put into seeking out different ways to get a life that you want & is fulfilling to you, the more you will progress & attract it. 

To seek something, means it’s continual. You search for it, until it is obtained. Sometimes it’s right under your nose & other times we work in mysterious ways in our search, to find if it’s worth it, if we really want it or not. 

Try living a larger life! 

It holds much value & is priceless. 

Birthday Celebrating! 💝

11 Aug

A girl has got to celebrate! When she’s beautiful, wanted, favored, loved and worthy of celebration! 

And because God has given me the greatest gift that any girl/mother could ask for, the best son in the world. 🤗😍💋✨ 

“Nothing, can stop love from love.” 

Just a couple of forevers. We are forever. 🎁❤️

Happy Birthday To Me! 🎂🎉👸🏽

Sweetest Day!

19 Oct


It never mattered to me the origin of holidays including those such as Sweetest Day. If I found it worth my while and if I’m interested,  I celebrate.

When I saw a post on Facebook saying it was today, I was surprised that I let it sneak up on me and my not knowing about it. It’s not like it falls on the same day every year like Christmas.

My initial reaction wasn’t that I wished I had a boyfriend to celebrate the day with. As a matter of fact I made sure that if not with my son that I would be spending the day alone. So no dates as well.

After my last relationship I decided to be single for a year. One year turned into 2, 2 into 3, 3 years into 4, 4 into 5… and here I am a happily single woman for over 5 years now. At some point I realized I can be single forever. I believe this is the point we have to reach. Being happy completely alone. Embracing being single as if this is all that we’ll ever get. Not one moment you’re happy being single and the next you’re not.

When you’re used to being in relationships, one after another, sometimes to avoid loneliness, then it can be tough to take on the challenges of staying single. Days like today “Sweetest Day” will seem like the end of the world to you.

But it’s not.


I’ve been blessed to have a great companion, someone I can teach and watch learn & grow.  At the same time I learn from him. My son is the biggest blessing I have ever received in my life. I could have never imagined knowing or being in the kind of relationship I have with him.

When I decided it’s just going to be me and him, I found out that there is more for me as it pertains to love.

I was only looking forward to raising my son as a single mother praying that God will be the help in my life with him. And He has been.

It’s so disappointing the curse society has made being “single” out to be. Because of the time I’ve been single and my youth, my mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea. When I’m in court, I’m questioned as if I’m supposed to have someone else. Most likely judged because I don’t. 

So when days like today roll around each year I am excited to get to share them with my son or no one at all. Somewhere along my journey in being single I realized that I would only share these special days with someone that will call me his girlfriend and soon after his wife.


That’s special to me. It’s something to look forward to. Because I’ve been proposed to on more than one occasion but my heart wouldn’t let me do it, if even in my mind I thought I wanted to.

When I see friends and other females trying to get their man to be right and do what they want them to, I know they think it’s the way love goes. I had to learn too. That there is someone in the world for you, already, who will be everything you want & need.


So I’ll gladly spend holidays or any days alone, romancing and taking care of me. I don’t know when a Mr. Right will come along, but I do know that nobody can love me better than me.

Happy Sweetest Day! ♥



9 Jan

Happy New Year!!!!

I’m excited for this year and it’s not for any specific reason in particular, but probably for the same reason I am one of few people I know who like Mondays!! It’s not that a “New year” changes all things to good because it’s a new year, but it can be a refreshing idea for the mind and the spirit to start brand new. 

One of the best discoveries a person can make for themselves is learning that they are the biggest and best investment to make. Health, happiness, peace, love and success. Whatever it requires to gain these elements into your life fully and successfully, it must done!

Following this blog post will be a very special post I’ll be writing to share, inspire and encourage those who are looking to accomplish resolutions this year!

I’m looking forward to a year of growth, success and most importantly LOVE






APRIL 15 2013 NEW CAMERA 018 

APRIL 15 2013 NEW CAMERA 017

Two of my favorite things to do. Grocery shopping and cooking!

What Do You Know About Female Condoms? (FC2)

23 Sep

The Women’s awareness event took place September 19, 2013 at The Little Black Pearl in Hyde Park Chicago to bring awareness to the female condom. Also known as FC2. Global Female Condom   day was September 16th this year.

The FC2 is designed to fit, protect & provide women who are sexually active assurance in knowing that she has control in protecting her body.

The panel took questions from the women in the audience. There were videos shown to reach each woman in the way that she was comfortable learning or knowing more about female condoms.

As the presentation ended, comments and questions came easily, and there were many women who were learning about the product for the very first time.


Facts About The FC2:

> Female condoms warm up with a woman’s body, they are painless & don’t add any discomfort.

> Male condoms have been available since 1918. While female condoms are relatively new.

> For use: Female condoms can be inserted up to 8 hours before use.

> The FC2 is used for protection against pregnancy, HIV & other STI’s.

> Condoms for men and the FC2 cannot be used together at the same time. It may cause one or both of the condoms to break.

For more information visit some of the links mentioned on this post or Google.

Text: FC2 to 877877 to locate female condoms near you. Free, in centers or in drugstores.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 004 

In this picture: Host Loni Swain of WGCI & a panel of women in different age groups including a high school senior available to inform and address questions from women of all age groups


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 007 

The panel showing how to use the FC2





Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 004The website to vote for the videos that were shown at the event. The videos may be available for viewing as well.




 Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 007

There are many centers that offer Free HIV testing and there may be one near you. Get tested! It’s always better to be completely sure.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 002

Steps to using the FC2



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 001



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 003

ringonit.org (Things to Know about the Female Condom)



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 012

Gift bags provided for the attendees of the event included several FC2’s, male condoms, Mac make-up bag with Mac lip conditioner, lipstick & mirror. Cute! Plus more information on the condoms.

Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 010




Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 006

Female Condom (FC2)



(Me and a Mac member, Marlanie (Hope I spelled it right) she did my whole face. Great Job! This is a good look for me.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 011 Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 012

Wherever there is women, make-up, food and talking, we have a good time. Mac was so nice to do the make-up and make the ladies feel pretty!



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 006

Loni taking questions from the crowd


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 017

Guests & Panel



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 015 

Me and my friend, DJ Phantom from radio stations WGCI & V103, on the 1’s & 2’s.  He always plays good music!

Me & my girl Loni Swain


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 019

Ryan Singleton a writer with The Chicago Aids Foundation recording women’s voices saying different things about female condoms.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 016

HIV testing took 20 minutes. The cotton swab procedure that takes place at most free HIV testing centers.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 021

Loni Swain talking to a guest & a videographer


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 026

In the testing room with Cynthia Tucker from the Aids Foundation of Chicago



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 027

There’s always time for a picture of myself in the mirror

And it’s time to Go!


Good event, good information, met some good people + had a great time!

It’s always great to be in an environment where you can learn information about health and being healthy without judgment. Where the atmosphere is fun and comfortable for learning.

It was agreed at this event that women have to do better with educating each other without the pressures of negativity. Mothers, daughters, friends  or any two or more women that can educate each other on sexual health. Make the smarter choices, if you know you are sexually active. For the things you don’t know, find out. You never get too old to learn something new!

Education is empowering. Get empowered!


Veronica M. Benson


© 2013