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Girly Commercial 

18 Feb

I like this commercial 💋


💅🏾Nail Color💅🏾

4 Feb

My current nail color, ‘Royal Hue.’ My Nails have been growing beautifully since I’ve made the commitment to myself to stay away from acrylics and nail extensions. So far so good. Any girl should know how addictive that stuff can be. 

I’ve been doing my nails myself & trying to put to good use all of these nail polishes that I’ve collected over the years. And the ones that I have recently picked up. 

The polishes with the nail hardeners in them are some of my favorites because my hands are always in water. Whether I’m cleaning or just washing them a hundred times a day.  

This particular color ‘Royal Hue’ is one of my favorite colors. 💋

I discovered it while getting my nails done for my birthday in 2015, at the nail shop. As soon as I saw it in the store, I picked it up so that I’ll have it on hand in my nail polish collection.