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Planning With Purpose Event! 📒🏷🖇🦄🌈🧜🏽‍♀️🧚‍♀️💌

31 Mar

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I Know The Plans I Have For You “


Wonder Woman

3 Feb

Wonder Woman 1

By Veronica M. Benson

Why do I have to keep a straight face

Keep my legs crossed and appear unphased

Because he went out and misbehaved and played


I’m supposed to appear to be this perfect little thing

Grab hold of my emotions, like I’m not hurting

While I sat there all the time

Keeping us, in mind

Thinking about a promise that was

Supposed to come in our time

And in our line

But I’m supposed to be fine

I wonder how many women

Are living in pretending

While they keep hidden

What they are truly missing

Due to the years of tradition

That says to keep sitting

And be good little women

He’ll be back once his playing

Catches up with him

I wonder why women

Never get the nerves

Put on their best shoes

And skirts

And leave first

Or find enough strength

To take a deep breath
And leave

When what left returns


Ready to try and learn , now…

When he rebelled at first

Here he comes now

Some with a kid

Outside of what was promised

Or just the guilt, the scars

From what he did

And there you are

Ready to forgive

Forget about years



You didn’t choose to be played

But it’s your choice if you’ll stay

Too afraid that another woman

Will reap the good in him

That you know is on the way.

So where’s his lesson?

When he ran out and came back

And it was your turn you should have left him

In life there are many teachers

Experience so far is the best one

Don’t tell me it’s for the kids

Or what you think is best for the child

Surely while he ran around
If you searched his heart and mind

Those kids were nowhere to be found

I wonder why

I wonder where

I wonder when

Women started this

Messed up pattern

Of this is how it should happen

For titles

Don’t tell me it’s in the bible

God may use you to get them

At the feet of the Lord

After you’ve finished

He opens the door

For what He had in store

For you all along

Before you fell in love with

The wrong,


It Makes me wonder women

Why we won’t be the heroes

And leave the zeroes

In the type of men, or in the money they think they can spend

To win what can never be bought

Why are we afraid to leave

What can be worse than hurting, than hiding,

Smiling knowing you’re crying and inside you’re dying

Why wonder women?

When you can be living and forgetting

About whoever hurt you and never deserved you

While you’re getting what you wished for from the beginning

To be winning women in this life

It’s not always about being a wife

Especially when you ‘re worried about what’s in others eyes

What they see or what they’ll think

I wonder why women

Can’t deal with endings

That never should have happened

To be their own Wonder Woman

And grab hold of, their new beginnings

When men come and go

Why do you have to be strong enough to know

That it’ll be OK

And this pain will pass one day

If you can just make it through each moment

To fall down hard enough and pray

We believe that God wants us to end up this way

Under a man

When he made us WO-MAN

More pleasing, undefeated, a special kind of being

We were made wonderful women for a reason

Not made to need a man but to be needed

I wonder why women won’t believe that we are great

And just be it

We believe it, but don’t achieve this great belief within us
We look to everything and everyone around to tell us how to be us

We eat and digest and serve again anything this world will feed us

We look to be taught but we are the teachers

I believe and see that the world is waiting and in need of us

I wonder women, when and where we will begin.

Wonder woman 2

Baggage: Don’t Claim It!

20 Jan

By Veronica M. Benson

Baggage 3

Baggage 2

I think it’s disrespectful for someone to present themselves in such a way that’s appealing to another person and then get close to them just to reveal a life of unsettled baggage.

Men should not be complaining to a woman about their personal lives and problems because they seem like a nice person and are attracted to you.

I’m sure everyone has something to deal with in their lives but I don’t think a person should be measured by if they can tolerate or deal with your personal dilemmas & situations.

Women who are single, baggage free or not baggage burdened and are living successful, thriving lives are not magnets or B&B’s for good-looking men who need assistance in ending a bad relationship or moving on from an unstable living arrangement; or any other unsettled situation. (Your problems are your own.)

Women are not responsible to help you deal with those. At any point, but especially in a dating situation less than 1 year. You shouldn’t look for her to nor should she feel obligated to.

Men should be more responsible and careful in their selection and approaches, in life in general. I believe that men get warning signs when they are initiating something with the wrong woman. Usually when a game is presented in secret, it will end with a man’s downfall. It will fall apart for the one who pursues someone wrongfully or with the wrong intentions.

I think it’s interesting that men are willing to air their problems and baggage to women so easily. Which to me, in my own viewpoint is beyond me. Complaining about things a man should have control over. It seems as though because of the fact that we as women are caring and nurturing, men take that for granted and use it against us.

They will try to enter our lives and hearts through sympathy. It has become part of a man’s intention, to get a woman by running to her from another with complaints and baggage he created. Instead of working to get a woman’s anything. That would be a better investment in the long run.

I don’t know, because I’ve been unaware of the dating scene, where this idea of burdening women with men’s problems comes from at all. Especially so early on in any situation. These observations have been somewhat humorous on an ironic level but at the same time perplexing. To me it’s simple. Keep your problems and issues to yourself if you’re trying to deal with other people.

Dating is supposed to be fun. The beginning stages of getting to know someone. To learn if your feelings match your attraction to them.

It’s not supposed to be men burdening women with their unfulfilled dreams, desires & wants. It’s not supposed to be men moving into women’s houses, apartments, etc to get their start. Or to have somewhere they can go.

God gave Adam everything before He gave him a woman. Eve. I believe this was done for a specific reason. To show men there are requirements that should be met before even thinking about having a wife. To make visible to women that we were not made to work for a man but that a man should work always and constantly to maintain a rich, fulfilling life for himself and his woman. I believe this is the way things should be. And every woman should. It’s hard to settle when you really believe what you believe. That’s why “No” has been the answer for every proposal I’ve received from past relationships. Some women cling to a man’s word and I like words…. but if the work ethic, the dreamer and every other important element aren’t all collaborating to produce some successful action to match the words, then to me you’re trying to convince me of something you don’t even believe in. You have to want to work and work hard.

In another perspective, maybe God should have had Adam work for everything that was given freely to him with only the responsibility to take care of it. So that he wouldn’t have let anything or anyone jeopardize it for him. Which was in turn the curse he received for disobedience.

In our present society, it’s as if the tables have turned completely. As independent as I am, I never confuse what the world says with what God says. As a single woman I can be as independent as I want to be. But if any man wants to make me his wife, he will have already laid the foundation for having me as his wife. Not asking me to go to city hall for our marriage because it saves money. And this was the deal offered to me with a previous so called proposal. I couldn’t believe it. I know we have our different views on these types of things, but marriage is meant to be special. When you get the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, I believe it should be a special occasion in representation of the great God who put two people together.

Men were designed to carry burdens without needing a woman to do it for them or with them.
If you as a woman, think it is the way to take care of a man laying up under you, in your house, then that’s the life you will have.
Women were not made to take care of men, that’s not the way God intended it to be.
Your life will form or conform according to what you believe.

The comfort that men think they will get from laying under a woman should be deposited into their belief, faith and trust in God’s word. Which provides a peace that they may not find living in a woman’s house.

I’ve seen and have experienced some unusual circumstances because of the ways men think. I’ve seen a man who one woman had him by his house and another had him by the hand. How was this possible? Men don’t have the right things in mind first. Because they don’t have the right things in their minds first it comes out in their lives exactly how it is in their minds and hearts. Scattered, chaotic, disastrous and drama-filled. Some men don’t accept that they are the creators for the drama they are experiencing in their own lives.

Baggage. If you don’t want baggage, don’t be baggage to someone. We all go through some things that may have people and things lingering or hanging on to us in ways that they shouldn’t be. Which causes unnecessary drama and strife. Like dead weight usually does, it won’t be able to hold on to you or hold you down forever, it will fall off. If you have it, it’s yours to deal with and carry or not carry until you are freed from it.

* Some women want those Louis Vuitton bags to carry, who are already walking around with baggage that comes at a much higher price than Louis Vuitton ever can. It’s your life! You don’t have to carry that baggage, put it down. Let it go. Make room for your blessings. Put the baggage down, so you can carry your Louis Vuitton bags 🙂 *


Baggage 1

Happy Birthday Caleb!

2 Sep



The climb


8 years ago Labor Day weekend I went into labor naturally & gave birth to my very own Angel & best friend. Today he celebrates his 8th birthday on Labor Day!

God is the greatest Creator of moments & memories in our lives. There is a Divine journey we are on and He has been blessing us & keeping us the whole way.

I thank God for our son,

Happy Birthday Baby!

God Bless YOU! ♥


National Girlfriend’s Day!

2 Aug

August is the month of my birthday, so along with celebrating my birthday I’m celebrating some of the other national days that are being recognized throughout the month!

Today is National Girlfriend’s day!

Happy National Girlfriend’s Day!!!!







Love You!

13 Mar

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


Ladies, why worry about a man that’s come and gone? Why hang on to a man that has come and want to go? Why try to believe better in a man that has showed you his true self but it’s hard for you to let go because of his status? Why argue, stress and frustrate your life and the lives of your children keeping a man around that doesn’t want to be. We often believe that men we’ve had or have been with have something special of ours.

We tend to let ourselves believe that men we’ve been emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually involved with leaves us with something that belongs to us, when we are no longer involved with them. We can easily fall into a state of mind that they’ve taken away from us.

There is a lot more to women than our bodies that men see, when you have something shining from the inside out. When we wonder why men come into our lives and leave for whatever reason. When you know you are a good woman, good mother, good person. Some men will try to get close enough just to see if they can take that away from you.

The good news to you is that, there is something about you that a man cannot sex away from you!
Isn’t that exciting?! It should very well be. I don’t mean that we should continually have sex believing that it will get us the relationships we want in the first place or keep a relationship together. I’ve learned some great things being celibate. Plus my knowledge and perspective I’ve gained from being in the company of male relatives.

Be careful of those who pose themselves in your lives as male friends and associates. A male friend, who genuinely wants to be a friend will be that and not cross those lines in fear of ruining that relationship and because of his respect for you. Anything differently is not a friend.

My point is that you have to know your worth. In mistakes, misjudgments and in every situation we may find ourselves in. Don’t take the bait of thinking that a man can take anything from you. You have to be strong for yourself and for your children. A boy child gets his strength from their mothers, how much more your daughters. You can’t raise strong children, being a victim. You are not anyone’s victim. We go through a lot, but we get through because there is more to us and more for us!

You are designed with your own power, no one can take it from you!!!

To Love!

10 Feb


In addition to Black History Month,  February is also Heart month and “The Month of Love.”

With Valentine’s day being only 4 days away, I wanted to share some things I LOVE!

> Love Quotes: “Love is not a subtle argument, the door there is devastation.” 

> Love Songs: “Tamia- Still”

> Love Movies: “The Notebook” & “P.S. I Love You”

> Love Poetry: Written by me, titled “The Beginning: Love Dreams”  (featured here on my blog and also Robert Frost, Walt Whitman & Maya Angelou are some of my favorite poets.


MY Son! He’s my HEART!


img037 My Brother! He’s one of the sweetest people I know!


IMG_20131028_00155056 Adam Rodriguez. ❤ Other than the obvious, that he’s absolutely fine, I loved him from the moment I saw him. I connected to him at first sight. He’s a very talented actor. (Hey Adam)

IMG_20131223_00212353 Lions. They are a powerful and beautiful animal. Not only do they look mighty they are crowned as the “Kings” of the jungle. I was also born under the zodiac sign Leo.


PicStory-2014-01-14-07-47 I Love Me. I love being beautiful and feeling pretty. 


 Red LobsterShrimp. It’s one of my favorite foods and I enjoy eating it prepared in different ways. Pictured here are two different kinds.


What are some of the things

that you love?


The entire month of February is

a month to celebrate LOVE.



Written By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications © 2013


Photography by Veronica M. Benson