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21 Oct

Christmas Toys Of The Past

1 Dec

Only 24 days until Christmas! Everyday leading up to it is just as important and matters just as much. 

How much fun would Christmas be if it was only for just one day?

My son & I love the holidays more than anyone else we know. Our Christmas tradition started when I was a little girl and now, my son has known Christmas to be special ever since I was pregnant with him. 

We’ve started our own traditions as well as kept some of the old ones. That’s what the holidays are about to me.

Everywhere I go I love to hear about people’s plans for the holidays. They are always different, but similar because of the reason. It’s interesting to learn how others view & celebrate the holiday season. I guess that’s just the writer in me or the fact that I feel like I can be exactly what I feel during the Christmas holiday. 

There’s no greater joy than the smiles, wonders, love & enjoyment the holiday brings. 

As my son writes his  Christmas list(s), we talk a lot about my childhood memories, and the ones  we’ve been talking about more often than others, is Christmas. 

What was Christmas like for me as a child, and what toys did I wake up to on Christmas morning. 

I found pictures of some of them to show him. To kids, toys are toys so he didn’t see a problem with his girl, mother, woman getting a Pet Monster for Christmas as a little girl. Although we did laugh about it.

I’m pretty sure I played with & loved the thing eventually, as I tend to grow attached to my stuff and connect to it sentimentally. 

It just goes to show that the wonders of Christmas are both exciting & mysterious. The memories of the past & the ones to be made are priceless! 


Pet Monster. My brother & sister had one as well. There’s nothing cute about it but I can see that the idea of actually having a monster for a pet might be intriguing.   


Cricket Doll. My favorite baby doll of all time. She talks and tells stories and her eyes move. So I wasn’t always to fond of her thanks to the Child’s Play movies. But we grew to love each other. I still remember her songs & stories today. 


Cabbage Patch Kids. I’ve always loved Cabbage Patches and have wanted a lot of them at one time. I remember having 1 or 2. One being the crimp ‘n curl Cabbage Patch. I think I’ll add a cabbage patch to my list this year. 


Betsy Wetsy was one of my most memorable baby dolls. She could drink water & use the potty. 

Lip Smackers had to be my very first introduction to lipgloss. I wanted every flavor. I had the Lip Smackers necklace. I remember waking up everyday getting dressed & combing my hair just so I can put on lip gloss. Even if I wasn’t going anywhere. Friends would tease me  saying that I know I be “sitting pretty.” 

57 Chevy light blue, pink interior convertible Barbie car. My Barbie dolls were riding in style. It could seat 4 or 5 dolls and the trunk actually opens. Memories of playing toys with my boy cousins with their toy men, they would always say “the man is supposed to have the car” in an attempt to take over my barbie’s car. lol


I remember waking up one Christmas morning to a giant inflatable alligator underneath the Christmas tree and it was mine. It was a fun ride-on for the pool. 

Another baby doll that I had and remembered. The best part about having dolls with hair is to undo the styles that they already have, believing I can do it better. I loved my Kenya doll. I’m pretty sure I loved all of my dolls. 


My first real technological baby. I took care of the baby until the game didn’t work anymore. These was one of my teenage years Christmas toys. I never get too old for Christmas. And I guess it goes to show being a good mother has always been inside of me. 

I love it! 

I had to be 17 or 18 years old when I got my last baby doll and this was her. Jessica from the Babysitter’s club. She was a favorite of mine as well. 

I’m sure everyone had one of these. Both boys & girls. My Buddy & Kid Sister dolls. Edit

Pictured here is one of the exact same kitchens I had. The table lets up & down. There’s a coffee maker and telephone. I had a lot of good times with this toy. 

Do you have memories of your childhood Christmases? 

You can make a Christmas moment of it today while telling your child about it while painting a Christmas picture, hanging decoration or watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate. 

Christmas comes only once a year! 

What are your plans for the holidays? 

Always remember no matter the plans or company, if everything is done with the right heart & mind and in the spirit of Christmas, then the spirit of Christmas will be near. 
Happy Holidays, 

From my son Caleb,www.calebanthonyg.weebly.com & Veronica, vemichelle.com


Sweetest Day!

19 Oct


It never mattered to me the origin of holidays including those such as Sweetest Day. If I found it worth my while and if I’m interested,  I celebrate.

When I saw a post on Facebook saying it was today, I was surprised that I let it sneak up on me and my not knowing about it. It’s not like it falls on the same day every year like Christmas.

My initial reaction wasn’t that I wished I had a boyfriend to celebrate the day with. As a matter of fact I made sure that if not with my son that I would be spending the day alone. So no dates as well.

After my last relationship I decided to be single for a year. One year turned into 2, 2 into 3, 3 years into 4, 4 into 5… and here I am a happily single woman for over 5 years now. At some point I realized I can be single forever. I believe this is the point we have to reach. Being happy completely alone. Embracing being single as if this is all that we’ll ever get. Not one moment you’re happy being single and the next you’re not.

When you’re used to being in relationships, one after another, sometimes to avoid loneliness, then it can be tough to take on the challenges of staying single. Days like today “Sweetest Day” will seem like the end of the world to you.

But it’s not.


I’ve been blessed to have a great companion, someone I can teach and watch learn & grow.  At the same time I learn from him. My son is the biggest blessing I have ever received in my life. I could have never imagined knowing or being in the kind of relationship I have with him.

When I decided it’s just going to be me and him, I found out that there is more for me as it pertains to love.

I was only looking forward to raising my son as a single mother praying that God will be the help in my life with him. And He has been.

It’s so disappointing the curse society has made being “single” out to be. Because of the time I’ve been single and my youth, my mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea. When I’m in court, I’m questioned as if I’m supposed to have someone else. Most likely judged because I don’t. 

So when days like today roll around each year I am excited to get to share them with my son or no one at all. Somewhere along my journey in being single I realized that I would only share these special days with someone that will call me his girlfriend and soon after his wife.


That’s special to me. It’s something to look forward to. Because I’ve been proposed to on more than one occasion but my heart wouldn’t let me do it, if even in my mind I thought I wanted to.

When I see friends and other females trying to get their man to be right and do what they want them to, I know they think it’s the way love goes. I had to learn too. That there is someone in the world for you, already, who will be everything you want & need.


So I’ll gladly spend holidays or any days alone, romancing and taking care of me. I don’t know when a Mr. Right will come along, but I do know that nobody can love me better than me.

Happy Sweetest Day! ♥