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Caleb Presents…..

5 Feb

With all the latest dance crazes going on with today’s youth with a new style of dancing called “bopping,” kids everywhere are inspired to dance and sing a long to these highly intensive dance routines that could very well serve as some form of exercising.

One of my son’s favorite things right now is the “DLow Shuffle.” Although I wasn’t as excited as he when I learned of his interest with this new trend of music and dance, I found out more information and understood why he would be attracted to it. So I dance along with him now. Also, with a background of music and dance that I know has left an impression on him from my life and times of singing and dancing, as well as poetry, it was bound to fall heavily on him. Also a recent favorite movie of his titled “Let It Shine” Caleb has drawn his rap inspiration from actor/artist Tyler James Williams. A young man that raps throughout the movie and in his real-life without cursing and degrading women.

Being a supportive mother is as important as being a praying mother to me.

Since he was a baby the camera has always been on him and now he has grown to love it and has no timidity about it. Which I love & admire about him. So it’s no surprise that he wanted to record his very own video.

Without further ado, introducing, my son, Caleb in his first rap & dance video, written, choreographed, free-styled & performed by him.

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You can Youtube “Swag Bop Shuffle Caleb Anthony G” to watch & subscribe to his YouTube channel Caleb Anthony G & You can also watch it on my channel at Vemi08