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Stronger Than Ever

9 Jul

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Starring Caleb

10 Mar

Basketball Boy!

Poetry- Out In The Cold: Cold In The Winter

12 Jan

By Veronica M. Benson

No leaves for cover bare are the trees
To the south all the birds flee
Cold the weather will very well be
Still nobody knows how cold
This winter is for me.

How pleasant, how peaceful
Should a woman be
With warmth from the heater
And more than enough company to keep her
From falling into any sorrow
Or from going any deeper
There is nothing more
Heart wrenching than being alone
In a room full of people

No leaves for cover
Bare are the trees
All the birds fly away
They find a way to be free
As cold as the weather is sure to be
Still nobody knows how cold
This winter has been to me

Even though the longer this gets
The stronger I get
She haven’t began singing her song
Just yet.

Even though the pictures in the back of my mind
Those have been taken
And the sound of my heart
Keeps on breaking

The ways I’ve had to pray to keep from hating
Lord knows I struggle with waiting.

I’ve been alone
I’ve been cold
Who will ever know?
Just how heavy the load
That my heart did hold

I go in to come back
Out and their words
Of condolences & sympathy
Many can’t fathom swallowing the pill from life
That I have to take

Life is a game
That others enjoy playing
When they don’t feel the pain

Dressed up in layers
From the cut of cold

Hoping to keep covered up
So my heartache doesn’t show

Bare are the trees
The birds they are all free
Nobody will know what this winter
Has been like for me.

(Winter 2011-2012, Chicago)

Poetry: Shared Life

6 Jan

Shared Life
By Veronica M. Benson

Late in the night
Walking through the house
Without looking around
The brightness from the wall
Serves as a light
To the bathroom
Eyes still closed
Because you’ve made this walk before
Not wanting to turn on the lights
To disrupt you because you’re still sleep
A turn to sit
And you almost fall right through it
You can get mad, or laugh
Then you smile
Knowing someone else is asleep to
A walk back to the bed
You check in on em
To add more cover
A kiss to say I love you
A thank you to the Lord
And back to bed

My Life #Moments

6 Jan

Our Horse & Carriage ride “And we’re gonna rise to the TOP” Horse and Carriage is for HIGHER

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My wiz Kid. He loves robots #Technology


Caleb & I The best sidekick and PIC I could have ever gotten


Everywhere I go is my photoshoot. The world is my canvas.

The moment you realize you’ve never been in love before now.

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Our Christmas 2014



Ms. Veronica

My Disney Princess cake #Ariel