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Live A Larger Life

11 Oct

Learning that no one can make you happy is one of the most important & empowering realities that can ever be achieved in life. 

Each & everyday, every second of the day, a person is responsible for their own happiness.  There may be instances or situations where others can do things to bring you happiness, but true happiness & joy can only be found within. 

You are in control of your own moods & emotions. 

It sounds a lot simpler than it can be. Being happy everyday is a choice. It takes practice.

Living a larger life is very fulfilling. It involves everything that feels good to your spirit, your soul & your well-being in life. It is not always found in material things or financial status. Those things won’t provide genuine happiness if you haven’t discovered what life & happiness is outside of them.

I love living a simple life. Full of Peace, Prosperity & Purpose. 

Going to church, being outside enjoying nature & the environment, being with my son fueling & feeding his spirit, are some of the things that reminds me to continue seeking out a larger life.  
Self-advancement both spiritually & physically always guides me to grow. I can never stay at one place in my journey. While I sit still, I STILL have to grow. I highlight this as “being still” or “sitting pretty.” 

To start living a larger life, it’s simply taking a step toward self-fulfillment. Living a life where others opinions aren’t necessary for you to feel fulfilled. You can enroll in classes, go on an adventure, get a massage, master a skill, sign up for school(earn a higher degree),try skydiving, conquer a fear, enroll in a fitness program, take spiritual advancement classes, join a ministry, get a pet, open a business, host events, start or join a book club, go scuba diving, go on a stay-cation or luxury vacation, join a group, make vision boards or something as simple as joining social media. But the key is once you take that first step, don’t stop. Continue. Even if the first thing you try comes to an end. 

The more effort you put into seeking out different ways to get a life that you want & is fulfilling to you, the more you will progress & attract it. 

To seek something, means it’s continual. You search for it, until it is obtained. Sometimes it’s right under your nose & other times we work in mysterious ways in our search, to find if it’s worth it, if we really want it or not. 

Try living a larger life! 

It holds much value & is priceless. 


Cup of Love☕️☕️

23 Aug

Morning coffee & hot chocolate with my son. These are the sweetest moments that forever warm my heart. 

#TheSimpleThings #AreTheSweetest👸🏽👦🏾

My Sunday Inspiration 

24 Apr

“Through The Storm”

When you go through things in life, people expect you to respond in a manner that resembles lying down & dying. 

They don’t expect that you are going to keep going, keep smiling & actually keep enjoying your life. 

It is possible to face difficult times & continue to live life. While you are going through it. 

You don’t have to be and feel and respond and react the way others want you to, to make them happy. Keep being happy! Keep smiling! Keep living your life!

When bad things happen, I’M GOOD! That’s what people don’t want to see, believe or see you believing!

Some people will try to assess trials through your smile. If you look too happy then maybe what you are going through isn’t that bad. That’s how they think. 

When they see you face attack after attack & you are not losing your mind in a situation where you could be, should be, where they would be losing their minds, some people would rather add to your pain than trying to help you if you already seem “too” happy. 

Some people can’t take time out to see your pain & nurture you & provide you with love & affection because they see your anointing & they want to just know when the blessing is coming. 

With others, actions don’t match their words in how they deal with you, but that’s ok! They are skeptical of you. Although they deal with you. While they know or think you are “special” they don’t know all that you deal with in your life. They can’t deal with the difficulties of your life, until it’s over. Then they want to be at the celebration, the victory in your life, as if they’ve been there for you the entire way. 

When you are in a storm, it can add insult to injury & be difficult to face dealing with different kinds of people. Trying to discern their actions & keep your faith, when people you love hurt you, while they know you are hurting. Especially if you call these people family. They leave you to feel worse than the person who hurt you before did because you call them family. Be it an actual family memeber or someone who is close to you like family. 

You battle the question “why?”
“Dont you know what I’m dealing with? Do you care? Why would you try to hurt me more?” 

It makes you wonder. How you can face someone’s careless actions. I learned that just because you are careful with others does not mean that they will be careful with you. The way that you try to value people doesn’t mean that they value you. When someone hurts you, who says they love you and tries to justify their actions instead of apologizing, then you have to forgive them and keep it going. 

For yourself! Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to see that if someone would want to hurt you while you already going through a tumultuous time, then it’s something wrong with them and not you. 

Just because you have a major storm doesn’t mean that there won’t be showers throughout it. Happiness is the thing that you have to fight for. It comes from your JOY! When you discover that you can be joyful, happy, peaceful, content and full off of the goodness of God, nobody can take that away. 

So what if people know you are going through something! Keep smiling, keep pursuing your goals, keep being happy. In all situations you are in representation of God. An example to others!!! 

As hard as it can be, being chosen by God is a gift. 

Chosen to go through the trials to get to the triumphs. 

A vessel, not a victim. To be victorious in the kingdom of God! 


Full-Time, All-The-Time & On-Time!

30 Mar


 A Mother is what I am everyday all day. When I wake up in the morning and throughout my day. I discovered this truth by how much I think of my son. While he is with me and when he’s not. As much as I think of him, I pray for him. To me, it is a joy, an honor to pray for another human being as much as I do for him. I never take prayer for granted or lightly. I’m specific when I talk to God. Furthermore, God expects my prayer. At some point in my life I looked around and saw that a lot of women who are mothers, are frustrated. So early on in my Motherhood I prayed to God telling Him that I don’t want to be a tired, bitter, frustrated ‘Single Mother.’ That I didn’t want to be the kind of mother taking her child/children for granted. And my eyes were opened. Prayer for some things have to be prayed early. God granted me perspective to see what was going on around me and helped me to pray myself through & around something I could have very well become. Before I knew what direction my life was headed. 

While some women choose their careers over being with their children & at home, I have the option to do the same. Still in my research & evidence, nothing is more important than my being open and available for my son. To maintain our strong connection requires prayer, sacrifice & a continual belief in God. It is constant & can be hard work. 

Nothing compares to the results that I get from this position in my life. This is work that never ends. A position that I am always required to grow & I am always being promoted in. 

Like all positions/jobs/roles I’ve held, I excel. Being mommy is the only reward I see. The only one that I need. Everything else doesn’t matter. 

My job is being a Mother to my son. I’m the only one in this position, with this title and there is no one else who can fulfill this position but me. I’ve been chosen. I’ve been appointed. 24/7, I am a mother always working & thinking about the betterment of my son & his mother. 

Currently I am a single mother. Which I love. With God helping me & directing me. Despite some changes I’ve been through, my life feels perfect for me. Even though it isn’t perfect. Who else is celebrating being single 7 years and could live the rest of their lives that way, happily? I love what I have going on with God and I know he’s nowhere near finished. 

I also know that God can send a physical person to be of representation for Him. In my son’s life. This is the only kind of person I will accept in my life as a husband, that can then be good enough to be a Father/Daddy, a mentor & positive male role model to a special little boy. 

When my son is with his biological father, I see it as a season. A growth & strengthening season for both my son & I. He’s had to endure so much including heartache because of his father’s decisions. He has never been my husband. The day that I realized this was the same day my son was born. It was if blinders had been removed from my eyes. Despite life, I never wonder about the miracles of God. I know there is always one in store. 

And I pray that the miracle that will be performed for Gods glory in our lives, will bless and draw this very special little boy, my son in his own free will & acknowledgement of God moving in his life & working on his behalf. Like he first was called at 3 years old. I imagine that as his Father, God will continually pursue a relationship with him. Constantly renewing their bond. 

Black Men.

I never keep resent in my heart for a male or man. Throughout my life & all that I’ve experienced because of men. After my son was born I realized that I can’t raise a black man with anger inside of me towards black men. I find that I go through a lot of disappointing situations or bad situations involving black men. I know now it is because the devil wants me so frustrated, mad, bitter & angry at black men so that I can’t raise the one God sent through me & gave me to raise to be the man God wants him to be. That goes against the prayer that I prayed early on. 

My role in my son’s life is more important than any other person in his life. I know that my relationship with my son is the most important relationship in his life. And I’ve had to fight for it. I’m always fighting! 

My position as a mother is the most important position I can ever have. God has entrusted me with brand new life. Completely innocent to the ways of the world. From day one I’ve been in prayer about him. That means I have to do, believe, pray & achieve God-sized things in my son’s life. We don’t have time for little things. Belittlers belittle because they haven’t experienced the Greatness of God. They have to go. We cannot be equally yoked with unbelievers. Family, friend or neighbor. Whoever is not for the purpose in between our lives is against it. 

God has been amazing to my son & I from day one. The way he had been keeping us & carrying us while we go through the pass ways of those who change their minds about us on a daily basis. Those who say they are for us and didn’t know until they realized that the “us” God has planned for His purpose doesn’t include them!

(People will try to get in the way, tear things apart or destroy it completely when they see Gods favor on you & not themselves.)

When my son was born I began to see the true colors of everyone that was around me. Every single person had attacked me & found ways to attack me pertaining to my son who is now & who was then an innocent child. For that I feel sorry for those individuals. God loves his little children. And if they knew how much He loves this one. 

My passion is for the victory in my son’s & my life. For praying for my son. Which reveals to me a greater & divine purpose for someone’s life.  This is my focus & work. 

It doesn’t matter what job I’ve worked, like in the past, no job will ever come before my son in my life or take precedence. I am his mother first & foremost. Like He always have, God will take care of the rest. *

“Faith without works is dead.” 

🍽Food Fed-ish!🍽

25 Feb

In my journey of the culinary arts I’ve discovered many things. 

First & foremost my love of food. You would never be able to tell by looking at me that food is appreciated in my life!🍝

Another surprise I found is in the mystery of it. How you can take ingredients of a variety of foods to create something absolutely delectable. 

One of my favorite quotes in the bible is “Let no one judge you by what you eat…..” People will spend their time & the strength of their eyeballs trying to judge you by what you eat. One way or the other. What a waste of time. 🍽

If you’re going to eat, pray and enjoy. That’s the best advice I’ve ever been given. 

Until you achieve the goal of eating “completely healthy” according to your expectations, food isn’t something you should spend time beating yourself up about. Or others.🙂

Balance has worked well for me over the years. Eating, working out & keeping a physically active lifestyle. Having a very energetic little boy helps as well. I participate with him in everything that we do. I can’t just sit & watch. Most importantly I thank God for my health and let Him know I don’t take it for granted.🙏🏽

As much I love to enjoy good food, one of the greatest things and challenges I’ve learned & conquered in my adult life is to go without it. Even for days at a time. Health experts would argue that this might not be good for the body, but in other realms of my life it has proven something differently. 

So in that I know I don’t rely on food completely. As much as I could indulge I can also abstain from it just the same. It is also written that, “man does not live on bread alone.”
The wonder and mystery that comes with food is both fun & intriguing. There’s nothing that can’t be done. 

Eat.Pray.Love is one of my favorite food inspired movies. 

My adventure with food has yet to begin! Even though I can explore many cultures & places from around the world right in my kitchen, or by going to a restaurant,which is wonderful, I look forward to traveling & eating. 

Another secret of my love for food is that I only enjoy it fully when I’m eating with my son. 🍽So when we’re not together I eat very little or sometimes nothing at all. He’s my favorite food critic and eating partner! #ratatouille #appetite

#HappyEating #Pray.Eat



I Am Your Mother 

31 Jan

To My Son (The Power Of I Am)


I’ve always been called “peculiar,” “fanatical,” “crazy,” as of lately

Never who I am or by the name that God gave me

I have to admit, I’ve not been the same & someone I thought I’d never be,

Since God gave me, a little baby

Always remember, 

It doesn’t matter what you hear from others,

My baby. My Son. I am your Mother.

Next to God, no one will love you more. I Love You.

It doesn’t matter what people try to say & do about us

My audacity & authority was not given or is in me because of a man

Everyday whether they like it or not, I am being directed & moved by God’s hand

Because He has plans for Us.

This discipline is hard & difficult to bare

Give God your trust, He directs us with love

Jesus is the friend that sticks closer by your side than a brother

No matter what people try to say to you about me

Nobody knows me better than you, my heart is for you

I Love You

I Am Your Mother.

They think I am crazy, they haven’t seen crazy And I better be unpredictable & capable

If we’re at war and bullets are spraying

I am not doing this for a proper & well  put label I am not moved by titles & labels of family since Cain & Abel

I’ll tell you like it is, Our God is still working & able

He would never neglect your heart; You’re strong & smart

And you were only 3 years old when He saved you. 

He’s a Day One kind of God. He’s had his eye on you ever since

It just breaks my heart that I didn’t know before you were born, you would be born into this

My one & only baby. Broken hearts, years of tears, torn apart, insults to injury & the only thing I can be called is “crazy.”

The growth that is happening within you, 

Some men never obtain until after they’re old in age

With Grace & Mercy God makes Miracles  happen from your pain. 

Everyday, all day, throughout my day, I am always talking to God & pray for you and about you

You know how you say my prayers are “long” when I pray over you before bed?

How much more when you’re away?

My child, sweet child, when I’m talking to my God about my son, I never run out of things to say. 

Let me whisper a secret in your ear, 

That others will see & hear but will never understand 

We, you and I are not defined by time. *

We’ve been in our storm for quite some time

Usually the more years, the more fear, that God will not rescue us and be revered. 

Whether you feel Him or see Him around, He’s here. *

What a shame, to be thrown into a game

Where a man’s pain is mistaken for pride and love is ignored by law of the court

A little while, my child & your enemies will be no more

I look back on pictures

I see how I tried my best to have everybody around

My efforts were in vain & only brought us pain

I know how I’ll love when it’s you & I again. *

I face lies, deceit & slander 

Misuse of my name

All of my life, I purposely aimed 

To keep a good reputation but who they want to think I am is not who I am or who I will be.

And don’t worry, in Gods glory

My name will change*

I say all of this to say to you,

You’re just a little boy & I see what you’re going through.

But you have a God that is like None Other

And I am your Mother

I Love You.

Because of our hearts, it doesn’t matter where we are

Together or apart

We are in this together

I am gentle, peaceful, humble mostly

But you already know this because you know me.

So let them say, what they’re gonna say

Don’t let it bother you that they speak about your mother that way

In present times & in our future, people that are watching you will always have something to say.

Good or bad, just dust it right off of your shoulder

And don’t worry my child, this is almost over. 

It’s Almost Over.*


First Day of School: For Parents

9 Sep

Today was the first day of school for a lot of kids. Not many children look forward to this day as much as parents do. Surprisingly, still some kids do.

In the minds of some parents it appears that sending kids to school is a break away from them.

It’s only a few hours a day. And besides parents have to get up early to take them, play with them on the playground until the bell rings, be actively involved in their education while they’re in school and pick them up when school is over.

The motions of dropping them off and picking them up again are too repetitive and you should eventually feel like you are just going through the motions.

There is more to schooling than just sending your child somewhere everyday as if you are entitled to a break in the first place. School is not a place that is meant to babysit your children.

You should be so engaged and informed about your child’s school life where the burden of teaching is not completely put on the teachers.

If you feel that your child’s educational system can be better, do more. What can you do to help improve it? Instead of thinking in terms of the entire school system, think about how you can help starting right at your child’s school.

Having homeschooled a now honor roll plus straight A student, also being a firm believer of being involved in my kid’s school life and having taken on the role of teacher’s assistant, proves that an active parent plays an important role in a child’s progress.

It might be the way of the world to create patterns & traditions, however  don’t get so wrapped up in them until you forget how to think outside of the box.

Here are a few other things to remember:

> Everyday of school is just as important as the first day of school.

> Attendance in grammar school matters. It will help shape how your child thinks he should attend high school or college courses later.

> The new clothes, new shoes, hair styles/ haircuts and iPhones are a nice incentive but are not as important as a healthy, happy, clean and a properly fed child each day. Children should not have to interfere with their teachers about being hungry in the middle of class. Feed them a good breakfast, provide them with a snack and a good lunch. The kind champions deserve! Food security is more of a necessity than name brand shoes.

I see a lot of parents yelling and cursing their children out right before school and then drop them off as if they know they’ll be guaranteed to see them later. The same way you value and are careful in your adult relationships, value even more the relationship with your children. Be even more careful with them.

Whether you take credit for it or not, you the parent are your child’s first teacher each day, you want to be cognizant of what you put into their spirits.

> Download apps to their devices that are educational and can be used as tools to help them in school.

> Show excitement about school everyday, your child will continue to be excited if he already is or will develop excitement for it as well if he isn’t. Don’t tell your children that you’re glad you are getting away from them while they’re at school. (Even if it’s true. Depending on what you did while they were away, they’ll know you enjoyed yourself.)

> Pray over & pray for your children. Praying really works! There is power in praying.

> The first day of school is a blast and everybody’s excited but, don’t post pictures of your children if they are wearing their school’s information on them. It’s a good safety measure to practice for social media.

> Hug & kiss your children everyday when you tell them I love you. Let them know there is nothing they can do that can ever make you stop loving them. If you are upset with them for the moment, do this anyway. Love is always.

Keep in mind, this is the first day of school. You have an entire school year of ups & downs, wins & losses, homework, teacher/parent meetings, sports practice, music rehearsals, events, performances, snacks, lunches, school trips, report cards, school supplies, birthday parties, fundraisers, games and so much more to go through. Pace yourself!

The race isn’t given to the swift. But to the parent whose child did the best by the end of the school year! Lol. You didn’t know?

Happy school year!