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5 Oct

Love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known

The perfect song to hear

The perfect poem to read

A beautiful sky with a rare sunset

My heartbeat & knowing how I feel complete

With the perfection of peace

Love is its own being

It cannot be defined

It’s the best thing I’ve ever known

I wish I could write my love’s song

Put the verses to it’s poem

When I feel it, I know it, love is my healing.

In it’s presence, in silence,

While it’s quiet, I know love is not a feeling

I found love on my own

The greatest thing I’ve ever known

I thirst for it, I hunger

Love lives in my heart, I never have to wonder

Right here, my hearts own life is love, I’ll never have to wander

I live on love or nothing at all



4 Mar

Worthy 1


    By Veronica M. Benson

    I am just a girl
    Finding her place in this world

    I’ve been through it all,
    Trials big & small
    Unbroken from every fall

    I return.

    Just to learn,
    that I am deserving
    of everything good, that this life
    could offer me.
    I earned it. I’m WORTHY.
    If I would try to define my worth
    I deserve the earth
    and only a man who would walk it several times over to try and see me
    Even if he could be nothing more than a friend to me
    She’s worth it. She has purpose

    That nobody has lived before
    and that nobody can deliver her to, but the Lord
    She’s tried to be everything for everybody else
    now she’s going to be everything for herself
    Her time is now. For such a time as this.

    Prepared years; the best that will ever be
    Flourishes, shining, brightly, blooming from the ground
    surrounded, by enemies.
    Or anybody that appears to be a friend to me.

    I don’t want to hear “be humble,” I’m humble.
    And no more being Ms. Modest
    I’m just being honest
    I’ve taken a long test all this while
    and whatever it takes,
    I’ve proven that I’ve got it
    Nobody’s gonna take it from me…

    Or will be allowed to say they were with me
    when all along, their actions and words
    proved, you, were against me
    This is me.
    When I was about to run on empty,
    I had to lift me
    & fill me
    Pick me…up
    and save me
    So I pick me!

    She alone is WORTHY!

    Focused. Forgiving. (You’re forgiven.) Healed. Healing while healing. Aware of the power given into her hands.
    She’s ready. The world has turned & is waiting with her own place to stand.

    She’s been hurt on top of hurt, while she was hurting
    No amount of pain can contain her & keep her away from all that she deserves.
    Pain can’t define her worth.
    She’s WORTHY. Deserving.
    When you see her,
    You too, will know that she deserves it.

    I am WORTHY!

    She deserves all that is GOOD
    right from her Chicago neighborhood to Hollywood
    Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she could.
    She knew it before she got there.
    when she was all alone and no one else was there.
    She deserves to have it all!
    She should.

    No shame in her celebration
    No guilt for every moment she spent waiting
    Anticipating, chasing her dreams
    while holding in her screams

    All put up against her
    is working, for her good
    she worked it
    for a greater purpose

    and nobody, no honey, not even you
    can tell her better
    That she deserves it!

    She’s worth it. I DESERVE IT!

    I am WORTHY!


Poetry: Shared Life

6 Jan

Shared Life
By Veronica M. Benson

Late in the night
Walking through the house
Without looking around
The brightness from the wall
Serves as a light
To the bathroom
Eyes still closed
Because you’ve made this walk before
Not wanting to turn on the lights
To disrupt you because you’re still sleep
A turn to sit
And you almost fall right through it
You can get mad, or laugh
Then you smile
Knowing someone else is asleep to
A walk back to the bed
You check in on em
To add more cover
A kiss to say I love you
A thank you to the Lord
And back to bed


27 Aug

The Queen Has Left Her Throne
By Veronica M. Benson

The Queen has left her throne
She’s left her royal place in her home
As she walked away in her royal gown
She threw both her loyalty & crown
Carpets rolled out before her to cover the ground

She’s removed herself from her seat in the palace
No more big feasts, fine drinks & private islands

The Queen has moved on,
To start the rest of her life, in the land
In the hands of whom she belongs

She usually offers love
After many moments of being mistreated, beaten & tossed
Like a royal rug

The Queen has left her throne.

No need to discuss her dismissal
Your enemy, is the one who used to serve you & kiss you.

If you’re in town
And watching the sun go down…..

Drive-by the palace gates
There’s no company nowadays
Oh how things have changed
Since the Queen has left her royal place
The King is not willing to show his face.

If only the walls could speak
Of how it is to live royally
It’d make every fairy-tale dreamer,
Stop and think.

She considered the crowds & Kingdom before she left;
As they all stood in tears, shock & disbelief to learn what’s next.

The Queen is long gone
Not to be recognized by the life she has once known.

All the bondage & burden she once kept hidden….
She’s flown away & is free from
She’s gotten rid of it

The Queen has moved from the prison
And now rests forever in the palace of the heart of her King.

I would know. How could I know?
Because the Queen, is destined to one day be

A Poem

9 Apr

By Caleb Anthony G. & Veronica M. Benson

If true love had a definition
I would say
Mine is the hole in my heart
that you filled & was empty
when you were missing

If true love had a definition

If there was a definition to love
Mine would be
My mother that loves & takes care of me

When I think about my life
I see & know that God loves me.

When I think about my life
I know that God cares & watches over me.

I am a woman
made especially special.
I love the love that’s inside of me
There is no greater feeling,
no greater love
than love unconditionally

I am a boy especially grateful


9 Apr

By Veronica M. Benson


My presence helps me to look forward to my future

I hate to hear of broken dreams

Getting to know you, while I get to know you

I see you and I pray to be able to mend what’s broken

We have been chosen

When I see you, I remember to know this


You’ve slid in, from one dream to the next.


You are apart of at least two things I don’t mind making a fool of myself for

I can’t help but keep them close

I don’t want anybody to see all of what I see. To know what I know.


When I see you, I let it all go.

We have to do this love in the open

We have been chosen

When I see you, while I forget what I am,

I remember to know it.


I remember.


Poetry: Love Conquers All

27 Feb

Love Conquers All

By Veronica M. Benson & Ronald Williams


Everyday I awake, my enemies move, breathe, be

Silently trying to destroy me, smiling and unreal to the world who doesn’t see

them for what they are

I await their fall

My heart filled with an unfailing love

I know my victory, because love conquers all


My strength is not for me but for everything that comes from me

that I love,

I carry it always, inside of me like the heartbeat of my only son,

They watch me in the distance

to keep me in their sight & to keep record of my ways

I feel their eyes and turn away

while keeping count on the last of their days

I know who I am and everything that is mine

God gives me power, more of it, each day the sun shines.

My enemies study me, try to imitate and rehearse me

then try to remember my words of victory to repeat them to me, so that they don’t receive their

God given curse from me.


A quiet storm I remain,

how long can I be calm?  David fought and asked for his enemies, his son became a righteous King

I love what I love, unchanging,, stronger it becomes

because love conquers all


One heart now beats as two, The struggles of life have taken there toll

But one thing is certain- this I recall,

love conquers all!


Just as Spring brings back to life, That which winter has killed,

Everything is alive!


Buzzing, chirping, having, Love conquers all!

At times feeling fearful, but never despair;

Having fallen but as always looking up, always standing tall.

I remembered- love conquers all!


Having made it through, Sunny days are in my sight,

Overpowering faith- as mountain tall.

I remembered- LOVE CONQUERS ALL!



(c)  2014