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A Love Quote 🍁🍂❤️

12 Oct


6 Oct

By Veronica Michelle

“A man cannot live on bread alone”

What’s all this talk I hear about a “man?”

One woman thinks she is nothing without one & another thinks she has everything because of a….. MAN.

I didn’t know a man had so much power.

What can a man do better for me than I can do for myself?

I’m a STRONG kinda woman!

I’m a WHOLE lot of woman!

Show me a man worth celebrating, having patience and waiting for?

I can see that the world is full of them

Everyday as I come & go

Out & about, To & fro

But show me what’s underneath that exterior, when the curtains close & the lights go off

When you get him alone….

I’m just curious

Show me a man worth getting furious for

Worth wrecking some sh*t for

A man worth checking mother & father & sisters, f*ck it, family altogether for!

at the door

If he’s blessed financially

That won’t impress me

Numbers aren’t new to me

I won’t walk around with a high priced piece of foolery

Because he can afford me nice jewelry

If I say MAN, my MAN

Enough should be said. 👏🏾

My mind & my heart are set on things above

My secret to you is that I need love (real love, true love)

What the world sees & praises is not a factor

I don’t need a pretender, I don’t want an actor

There are barriers to be broken, shifts to be made

This world was designed with a purpose for my love in mind

All this talk about a man

I’m just saying

What’s your heart like, what are your plans …for me?

Are you true & honest

Will you be loyal at all times?

What’s your past like?

Does it still come to haunt you

Do your enemies try to find & taunt you?

Have you left all of that behind you…..

Are you a man to let stay over?

Can I be sure that God will reach you, if I pray over you?

A man, sounds like it requires a lot of work!

But everybody wants one

For some reason

Is there a MAN for me?

Ready & ripened and in season.

The day that I see him, I’ll believe it!

A man! That just makes me laugh

Because I’ve been known to break up & leave based on the kinda day I had

In the beginning God made man & a woman to stand by him, he holds her hand.

If a MAN is a part of God’s plans for me, then all I have to do is just be.

He knows where I am, no search required. Without a man I’m destined for higher.

If he’s inside of my destiny, then God will bless his whole life by sending him to me.
“A Good Wife Is From The Lord”

To Poetry, my first love!

4 Apr











4 Mar

Worthy 1


    By Veronica M. Benson

    I am just a girl
    Finding her place in this world

    I’ve been through it all,
    Trials big & small
    Unbroken from every fall

    I return.

    Just to learn,
    that I am deserving
    of everything good, that this life
    could offer me.
    I earned it. I’m WORTHY.
    If I would try to define my worth
    I deserve the earth
    and only a man who would walk it several times over to try and see me
    Even if he could be nothing more than a friend to me
    She’s worth it. She has purpose

    That nobody has lived before
    and that nobody can deliver her to, but the Lord
    She’s tried to be everything for everybody else
    now she’s going to be everything for herself
    Her time is now. For such a time as this.

    Prepared years; the best that will ever be
    Flourishes, shining, brightly, blooming from the ground
    surrounded, by enemies.
    Or anybody that appears to be a friend to me.

    I don’t want to hear “be humble,” I’m humble.
    And no more being Ms. Modest
    I’m just being honest
    I’ve taken a long test all this while
    and whatever it takes,
    I’ve proven that I’ve got it
    Nobody’s gonna take it from me…

    Or will be allowed to say they were with me
    when all along, their actions and words
    proved, you, were against me
    This is me.
    When I was about to run on empty,
    I had to lift me
    & fill me
    Pick me…up
    and save me
    So I pick me!

    She alone is WORTHY!

    Focused. Forgiving. (You’re forgiven.) Healed. Healing while healing. Aware of the power given into her hands.
    She’s ready. The world has turned & is waiting with her own place to stand.

    She’s been hurt on top of hurt, while she was hurting
    No amount of pain can contain her & keep her away from all that she deserves.
    Pain can’t define her worth.
    She’s WORTHY. Deserving.
    When you see her,
    You too, will know that she deserves it.

    I am WORTHY!

    She deserves all that is GOOD
    right from her Chicago neighborhood to Hollywood
    Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she could.
    She knew it before she got there.
    when she was all alone and no one else was there.
    She deserves to have it all!
    She should.

    No shame in her celebration
    No guilt for every moment she spent waiting
    Anticipating, chasing her dreams
    while holding in her screams

    All put up against her
    is working, for her good
    she worked it
    for a greater purpose

    and nobody, no honey, not even you
    can tell her better
    That she deserves it!

    She’s worth it. I DESERVE IT!

    I am WORTHY!


Wonder Woman

3 Feb

Wonder Woman 1

By Veronica M. Benson

Why do I have to keep a straight face

Keep my legs crossed and appear unphased

Because he went out and misbehaved and played


I’m supposed to appear to be this perfect little thing

Grab hold of my emotions, like I’m not hurting

While I sat there all the time

Keeping us, in mind

Thinking about a promise that was

Supposed to come in our time

And in our line

But I’m supposed to be fine

I wonder how many women

Are living in pretending

While they keep hidden

What they are truly missing

Due to the years of tradition

That says to keep sitting

And be good little women

He’ll be back once his playing

Catches up with him

I wonder why women

Never get the nerves

Put on their best shoes

And skirts

And leave first

Or find enough strength

To take a deep breath
And leave

When what left returns


Ready to try and learn , now…

When he rebelled at first

Here he comes now

Some with a kid

Outside of what was promised

Or just the guilt, the scars

From what he did

And there you are

Ready to forgive

Forget about years



You didn’t choose to be played

But it’s your choice if you’ll stay

Too afraid that another woman

Will reap the good in him

That you know is on the way.

So where’s his lesson?

When he ran out and came back

And it was your turn you should have left him

In life there are many teachers

Experience so far is the best one

Don’t tell me it’s for the kids

Or what you think is best for the child

Surely while he ran around
If you searched his heart and mind

Those kids were nowhere to be found

I wonder why

I wonder where

I wonder when

Women started this

Messed up pattern

Of this is how it should happen

For titles

Don’t tell me it’s in the bible

God may use you to get them

At the feet of the Lord

After you’ve finished

He opens the door

For what He had in store

For you all along

Before you fell in love with

The wrong,


It Makes me wonder women

Why we won’t be the heroes

And leave the zeroes

In the type of men, or in the money they think they can spend

To win what can never be bought

Why are we afraid to leave

What can be worse than hurting, than hiding,

Smiling knowing you’re crying and inside you’re dying

Why wonder women?

When you can be living and forgetting

About whoever hurt you and never deserved you

While you’re getting what you wished for from the beginning

To be winning women in this life

It’s not always about being a wife

Especially when you ‘re worried about what’s in others eyes

What they see or what they’ll think

I wonder why women

Can’t deal with endings

That never should have happened

To be their own Wonder Woman

And grab hold of, their new beginnings

When men come and go

Why do you have to be strong enough to know

That it’ll be OK

And this pain will pass one day

If you can just make it through each moment

To fall down hard enough and pray

We believe that God wants us to end up this way

Under a man

When he made us WO-MAN

More pleasing, undefeated, a special kind of being

We were made wonderful women for a reason

Not made to need a man but to be needed

I wonder why women won’t believe that we are great

And just be it

We believe it, but don’t achieve this great belief within us
We look to everything and everyone around to tell us how to be us

We eat and digest and serve again anything this world will feed us

We look to be taught but we are the teachers

I believe and see that the world is waiting and in need of us

I wonder women, when and where we will begin.

Wonder woman 2

Poetry: You Inspire Love

6 Jan

You Inspire Love
By Veronica M. Benson

A stolen moment in love can cover weeks full of pain
Imagine what could happen in a day
In your absence my heart cries, screams silently
In your presence my heart rests, wrapped around you
My tears won’t let me cry
My lips hate the kiss goodbye
There is no price that can pay for the learning
And the yearning, speaks a language
Life can’t seem to understand
Because it won’t lend its hand to help
My thoughts yell to be free
From the depths being closed up inside of me
From refusal, invalid approval
What demands more of you
Have already used you
Days and days full of restlessness
Eyes wide closed in sleep
And the hunger is too full to eat
The torment hidden under seconds in hours
Doers of darkness the biggest cowards
Nothing to fear but being afraid
The days past
At last
I run to your presence
And hold you first with my eyes
As long as I can before my
Hands they reach
A connect to your hand then there’s a sudden
An instant
If I could be guaranteed this one moment
Although through the wilderness, the jungle, the valley and the depths
I prepare for the war
Until there is this moment
Once More.

Poetry: Shared Life

6 Jan

Shared Life
By Veronica M. Benson

Late in the night
Walking through the house
Without looking around
The brightness from the wall
Serves as a light
To the bathroom
Eyes still closed
Because you’ve made this walk before
Not wanting to turn on the lights
To disrupt you because you’re still sleep
A turn to sit
And you almost fall right through it
You can get mad, or laugh
Then you smile
Knowing someone else is asleep to
A walk back to the bed
You check in on em
To add more cover
A kiss to say I love you
A thank you to the Lord
And back to bed

Poetry: You Need Not Watch Me

6 Jan

By Veronica M. Benson

Don’t keep looking around
Trying to figure me out

Trying to look at my face, just to investigate
What I’m eating and all that’s on my plate

I have no reactions for your distractions

I’m glad you’re all in my movie
But its literally “closed” caption

If it looks like I’m happy and that I’m making things happen
That I’m tapping into me
Unwrapping all the gifts put under my tree
Then you have clear vision, that’s exactly what I’m doing for me

But you better not get too tuned into my station
As it appears on your side of things I see slipping ratings

I’ve been patient Lord knows
I struggle in the area of waiting
But I took the test and it seems I aced it
Stood up to my fears and I faced them
The pain you served gave me the grain I needed to grow, thank you I’m grateful
It seems to me
That my life has the attention of my enemies
They have so much fun when they think their damage is done
And surely this time, unlike before, you are permanently destined to stay on the floor
Until they realize, you’ll remain “unbroken” and there’s more
Moments away from my destiny
What God has for me, is ALL FOR ME
My eyes on God and theirs on me
Although you haven’t seen nothing yet
I’ll tell you,
You Need Not Watch Me.

There’s a sweet abundance, inheritance being ushered right to me
I don’t say it’s “All For Me” selfishly but
When I see my struggle all I see is me
Once I’ve received what’s due to me
You’ll continue on living simply
Realizing you were on the wrong team
So I’ll say it to you again
In the midst of all of your schemes and plans
What God has for ME
Is all for ME


In the presence of my enemies I shall reap
In the presence of my enemies I will eat
In the presence of my enemies I will not face defeat
In the presence of my enemies I will become all that I’m meant to be.



27 Aug

The Queen Has Left Her Throne
By Veronica M. Benson

The Queen has left her throne
She’s left her royal place in her home
As she walked away in her royal gown
She threw both her loyalty & crown
Carpets rolled out before her to cover the ground

She’s removed herself from her seat in the palace
No more big feasts, fine drinks & private islands

The Queen has moved on,
To start the rest of her life, in the land
In the hands of whom she belongs

She usually offers love
After many moments of being mistreated, beaten & tossed
Like a royal rug

The Queen has left her throne.

No need to discuss her dismissal
Your enemy, is the one who used to serve you & kiss you.

If you’re in town
And watching the sun go down…..

Drive-by the palace gates
There’s no company nowadays
Oh how things have changed
Since the Queen has left her royal place
The King is not willing to show his face.

If only the walls could speak
Of how it is to live royally
It’d make every fairy-tale dreamer,
Stop and think.

She considered the crowds & Kingdom before she left;
As they all stood in tears, shock & disbelief to learn what’s next.

The Queen is long gone
Not to be recognized by the life she has once known.

All the bondage & burden she once kept hidden….
She’s flown away & is free from
She’s gotten rid of it

The Queen has moved from the prison
And now rests forever in the palace of the heart of her King.

I would know. How could I know?
Because the Queen, is destined to one day be

Visual Poetry: Single Motherhood

30 Apr