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Ballet Inspired Workout💪🏽💃🏽

21 Feb

Inspiration to workout can strike at anytime! 

My solution to avoid a missed moment of inspiration it to start right then and there. Do something! 

I begin in the space that I’m in and the clothes and work my way into it. 

I’ve even ran without the attire I usually wear. Shoes included. 

I also love dance! All types of dance!

When the music is on and I start to move my body I know that it will be the beginning of a workout session. 

I don’t wait to get to the gym to fulfill a moment of workout inspiration. 

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My Open Letter To My Family & Friends

14 Jan

Dear loved ones:

It is my pleasure and truly a humbling opportunity to share some good news with you. Good news for you as well!

I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet.

In life we often overlook simple luxuries as things that either are outdated or ineffective. We don’t believe they will work for us, when we haven’t tried them for ourselves at all or long enough to obtain desired results.

One of the greatest gifts given to mankind is the ability to move our bodies. When we thank God we thank Him for having the strength to get up in the morning without the need for assistance or some device that we could become dependent on due to an illness. We recognize this as a blessing. Some people with illnesses still see the ability to physically move around themselves is a blessing!

So what does it mean for you? In your current status of health? Are you doing EVERYTHING you can to maintain this healthy status? Do you acknowledge that your body is a like a machine, where all parts work together to keep you going? When you truly make this acknowledgement you will make no excuses for seeing your healthy body as a one-time offer. Some illnesses we can recover from but there are other illnesses that change our lives and the natural state of health that we know, for as long as we will live, should we happen to have to deal with them. We have to face the fact as well, that doing all that we can to be healthy may not prevent us from becoming ill. However it is a proven fact that a strong and healthy body is better against sickness than a weak and unhealthy lifestyle driven body. Yes? YES!!!

Experts say that it takes a consistent 21 days to make something a habit. After 21 days are over, when you continue, the habit becomes a part of your lifestyle. Of course we want to apply this to gaining healthy habits. In example exercising! We make the resolution each year to exercise, to lose weight along with other fitness goals. Then, each year at some point, we give up. Having been in this crowd I understood why, because I was making whatever excuse I needed to, to not continue. Now that I’m on the outside of those who have not gone through with these goals, I can tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE.

It is possible! And I’m not just saying it because it sounds good.  Some people look at me and think that I don’t need to workout because I’ve been a nice size my whole life. But being a 6, 4, 2 or 0 does not mean that someone does not have to exercise just as much as someone who is a size 16. With being healthy, it’s not about size. Our bodies have different needs and require different attention, but every living body needs exercise. This is what we all have in common.

I’ve carried and given birth to a child, overcame health issues and have come to the conclusion for myself that I like my body strong. I may not eat all healthy foods all the times, but I am going to exercise my body. Until I can conquer other areas of my health mentally as I have for the NEED of exercising. Need as opposed to want. Running was something that I never thought I would find myself doing. My oldest sister tried to get me to join the track team in high school and I saw no point in running just to be running. So needless to say I never joined. Not through college, not ever, up until recently within the last few years. I exercised but didn’t start running consistently until Spring 2011. The same year I ran my first marathon in the company of my then 5-year old son.  It’s always minor steps that lead to us getting over the biggest hurdles in our lives.

My desire for exercising did not come when everything was ideal for me in my life. It was during the hardest and the most difficult time of my life that I saw what I could hold on to so that I wouldn’t fall apart in my health, should everything else in my life. By previously having a gym membership I remembered everything that I learned there and did it on my own. My money was being spent specifically on the things in my household and my son. So when I was no longer going to the gym, I could still continue to exercise at home, as if I were. Dealing with the demands of life, we can say, but on my own. With a growing child. I feel I was blessed during this time because I sought out survival and found that being healthy is the only way. To be healthy I had to push myself over all of my hang-ups about running and the mentality that I’m young and didn’t need to exercise to feel good and to be healthy.

When you feel a certain way and doctor’s don’t see anything wrong, you may need to exercise your body.  Feelings of fatigue and being tired or certain pains that may not necessarily need painkillers to be soothed. Exercise works wonders on the body that we can just be happy to take part in and celebrate them!

So running is a part of my life now and is the first thing I turn to when I need an overall body workout or inspiration to help me with other exercising.  Although it is not my only source for exercising.

If you are going to finally resolve your resolutions, you will have to put forth an undying effort. Meaning you work on it until it no longer feels like work. Each day do a little of something. If you want to run,  you first start by walking. Then walk a little faster, then faster until you find you are running. It is a growing process, you won’t achieve it in one day.  Your mind and body has to adapt to the changes until it gets to the point where they are working together.

The toughest part of my letter. We put off health goals for the beginning of the year, that comes one time per year. As if we know we are guaranteed the next year. Something that I heard instantly made sense to me. “When you are given something freely, you give it away freely.” To me, this applied to information I had experienced and direction  that was given to me while in some very trying times. In situations where you know you could have died but were kept alive and the miracles performed before your eyes makes you excited whereas you want to tell someone else, so that they too will be helped, informed or saved.  When you feel you have nobody or nothing else, you want to to still have your health.

To my family and friends, of all ages, colors and sizes: Your NEW YEAR is now. If you are already involved in contributing to your health and your life by exercising then you are on the right path. For those of you who have been constantly putting it off, take this as tough love because I truly care and because I am concerned. NOW is all that you have. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you can afford to go to the gym, not when you can buy workout clothes or shoes. You use what you have to get started! Right now, right where you are. You can’t wait for your girlfriend to go with you or your children to start acting right. If you have children, you can involve them as well. Exercise is the best defense against the negative energies that our bodies are encountered by especially stress. Which comes from numerous things.

If you continue to put off something for later that could have been the very thing to save your life, how does that benefit you in any way after it’s too late. It is great that you love God. Even in the bible it says that exercise is of some value. You get one body in your whole life!

Therefore you want to take care of it! As if you’ll never get another one, because you won’t. The physical labor that some of you may perform on your jobs does not compensate for the conscious and direct effort of moving every part of your body by exercising! Your body eventually gets used to those repetitive motions. Be mindful of that as well, so that you can subtract that excuse from your list of excuses. With health it doesn’t matter how popular, attractive, educated or successful you are.  Take care of what you have. Your health, your body and beauty as a package deal. You know your own personal issues whether it be that you smoke, that you are overweight, over-eating, excessive alcohol use or dependent on prescription medicine to do anything in your life. You know what your issues are before anyone else. So you have to be the first to decide not to ignore them. That you are going to take charge and not sit waiting for someone to come along and make you. Although there are many services to assist you, if you truly need it or want it. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve on your own. If you believe and begin!

The great thing about making the decision to take control of this area in your life is that you don’t have to wait to get started!


If you think I can be of any assistance to you, you can comment here or email me directly at vemichellewritingcommunications@outlook.com with any questions, comments, concerns, etcetera.

It would be my pleasure.


With Love,




By Veronica M. Benson

for Ve Michelle Writing Communications © 2013


Photography by Veronica M. Benson


26 Sep


By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications

© 2013

In the first picture: This was my favorite thing at UFC, I caught on to it fast. I’m looking forward to working on my moves. I always knew I had the inner boxer inside of me. After the boxing class, I found that it’s fun and requires a lot of energy. I’m ready! I really like the way it made my body feel/ 2nd pic: Me and Meghan a young lady that works at the gym/ 3rd pic: A picture with Carlos “King” Molina. You may remember him in a fight before the Mayweather fight/ 4th pic: Me with General Manager Tim Salama who was very nice + helpful! Thanks for your help. 5th pic: A picture with one of the trainers, Stacy. Who taught in a class I took. 4 days later & I’m still recovering and I workout! So the workout was intense. A change in pace, target & direction for my body! This may be what I’m looking for. I’ll see!

Pic 1: Dr. Jeremy Bonsol is a chiropractic care physician who gave massages to guests so he can diagnose issues they might be having with body pain or discomforts. Some of the things that we learn to deal with in our bodies, the tiniest pain may be more than a simple ache or pain & can be possibly treated through chiropractic massage therapy. The best investment one can ever make in themselves, is in health. I learned some interesting information here as well./ Pic 2: The punching bag portion of the workout I took part in. Hitting punching bags can really fatigue you and drain you of energy fast. It was fun for me, because I have so much energy in a day that I need to burn. Once you’ve been working out for a while, you have to find out what you need to take you to the next steps. Whether for changing your body or the intensity in your workout. Know your body. / Pic 3: Two representatives from Health Elements massage clinic who also offered 10 minute massages for guests taking classes at the gym. With 3 different massage therapy companies on board, some of the participants where able to get all 3, which meant they had received 30 minutes worth of free pampering. Check them out, both are located in downtown Chicago.



If you are looking for a gym that’s right for you, before you sign-up, take advantage of the free classes that most offer. You’ll be better to assess what you are looking for, what you’re trying to change and who is a better fit to help you get there. Because there are so many gyms and lots of them popping up all over the place, testing a few will help you to feel better about your choice once you decide.

Pic 1: Participants taking the boxing class with several trainers for different parts. This class was intense and required energy + stamina. Pic 2: Cecil, who is a member of the gym enjoys working out at the facility. Pic 3: Another member using the gym which also has access to different weight machines, treadmills, & your usual workout tools if you’re not boxing/  Pic 4: Men’s products and samples of other items including, a 5-hour energy formula & bio-freeze and more. Which can be found in stores such as Walgreen’s or GNC.

Exercising and taking care of your body is fun. You only get one of you! Better now than later.

Use today as the first day. Just make sure you start!